serbia Serbian Air Force and Air Defence

Established 1992 from former Yugoslav Air Forces
Helicopters in the Serbian Air Force and Air Defence (Ratno vazduhoplovstvo i protivazduhoplovna odbrana) have Serbian designations, see below:

HI42 SA-342H Gazelle (reconnaissance role)
HN42 SA-342H Gazelle (anti-tank role)
HO42 SA-342H Gazelle
HO45 SA-342L Gazelle
HT40 Mi-8T
HT48 Mi-17
HT49 Mi-17V-5


Official Reception of Serbian H145M and New Gazelle Hub, 26-Jun-19 : #Gazelle Serbian Ministry of Defence Aleksandar Vulin held official ceremony for reception of first of 9 H145M. The Moma Stanojlovic plant near Belgrade named by Airbus as official maintenance hub for SA341/SA342 Gazelle

First of Nine H145M Delivered to Serbia, 24-Nov-18 : #H145M Serbia received the first of 9 H145M/EC645T2 in a ceremony at Airbus Germany in Donauwörth. Ordered 2 years ago, 4 will be for the air force and equipped with HForce weapons kit and the rest for the police.

Serbia in Talks with Russia for Six Mil Mi-17, 28-Dec-17 : Serbian Defense Minister in talks with Russia on buying six Mil Mi-17 and setting up a repair center

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List of Units

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Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    119. mesovita helikopterska eskadrila - 119th Transport Helicopter Squadron ? --
    714. protivoklopna helikopterska eskadrila - 714th Anti-Armour Helicopter Squadron ? --
    890. mesovita helikopterska eskadrila - 890th Mixed Helicopter Squadron ? --

Bases and Locations

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Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
   Batajnica890. mesovita helikopterska eskadrila
   Ladevci714. protivoklopna helikopterska eskadrila
   Nis119. mesovita helikopterska eskadrila

Model Types

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  AH H145M / EC645T22018
  Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen)2006
  SNIA Gazelle1992

List of Aircraft

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SA341H Gazelle 1030 12001 : type:HO-42
Mi-8T Hip-C 000 109 084 12273 : Serbia and Montenegro Air Force HT-40 type; 2004 pictured with 11 ...
Mi-17V-5 12491 : Serbia 890MHE from Jun16
Mi-17V-5 12492 : Serbia 890MHE from Jun1
Mi-17 Hip-H 202M07 12550 : Serbia 2006 as BP-1; 2010 reser 12550
Mi-17 Hip-H 341M15 12551 : Serbia 2006 as BP-2; 2010 reser 12551; w/o 13mar15 Ambulance fl ...
Gazelle 009 12617 : type:HO-42 in 1998 toward YU-HEF
Gazelle 022 198112654 : type:HO-42 toward HA-LFO
Gazelle 090 12711 : type:HI-42 toward HA-LFX
Gazelle 095 198412716 : type:HI-42 toward HA-LFY
Gazelle 063 12820 : 2009 890.mhe
H145M / EC645T2 20231 14501 : Serbia H145M, test serial D-HADD
H145M / EC645T2 20236 14502 : Serbia H145M, test serial D-HBTS
H145M / EC645T2 20246 201814503 : Serbia H145M
H145M / EC645T2 14505 : Serbian Air Force and Air Defence, test serial D-HMBB; 16Jun19 pi ...
H145M / EC645T2 20177 ? : Serbia H145M, test serial D-HMBE; to be confirmed
H145M / EC645T2 20233 ? : Serbia H145M, test serial D-HADD

17 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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