sweden Sjöfartsverket

Swedish Maritime Administration


sweden coast guard sjofartsverket

The Maritime Administration is the authority responsible for Maritime and Aeronautical Search and Rescue Services in Sweden and operate helicopters from 5 bases across the country.

Search and Rescue was served under contract with Norrlandsflyg AB until 2013 when they bought their own AW139s


First AW139 to Swedish Maritime Administration, 16-Sep-13 : The Swedish Maritime Administration accepted its first of 7 AW139 in an official ceremony held at AgustaWestland Vergiate plant in Italy

Swedish SAR orders 7 AW139, 20-Nov-12 : The Swedish Maritime Administration ( Sjöfartsverket ) orders 7 AW139 for search and rescue

Model Types

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  AW AW139 2013

List of Aircraft

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AW139 31499 2013SE-JRH : SMA SAR 001 d/d 10sep13, test serial I-RAIE; pictured
AW139 31507 2013SE-JRI : SMA SAR 002 d/d sep13, test serial I-PTFG; pictured
AW139 31524 2013SE-JRJ : SMA SAR 003 d/d Nov13; pictured
AW139 31542 2014SE-JRK : SMA SAR 004 d/d Mar14
: 01jun14 pictured at F17 70 years Flygvapnets Flygdag airshow
AW139 31558 2014SE-JRL : SMA SAR 005 d/d Jun14
: 29apr19 at Visby
AW139 31597 2015SE-JRM : SMA SAR 006 d/d May15
AW139 31598 2015SE-JRN : SMA SAR 007 d/d May15, test serial I-EASS

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