sweden Försvarsmakten

Swedish Armed Forces


Försvarsmakten Swedish Armed Forces

In 1998 all helicopter units from Army, Air Force and Navy were merged in 1 common helicopter wing.


Sweden Selling Six AS332M1 Super Puma, 10-Oct-18 : #SuperPuma Ex-Change Parts AB now offering six ex Sweden Armed Forces AS332M Super Puma and a large inventory of spare parts. Built 1988, they are in good condition and with low flight hours

Sweden Received First NH90 for Anti-Submarine Warfare, 17-Dec-15 : Sweden received first NH90 in full anti-submarine warfare (ASW) configuration. 13 Search and Rescue (SAR) and 5 ASW were originally ordered but 4 SAR already delivered will be modified to ASW.

Patria NH90 Spare Parts for Sweden and Finland, 06-Oct-15 : Patria Helicopters from Finland, a NH Industries (NHI) Authorized Nordic NH90 Service Center, has signed an agreement to supply NH90 spare parts for Swedish Armed Forces.

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List of Units

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Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    Norrlands helikopterbataljon - norrlands helicopter battalion 1Hkpbat1998 2000
    Svea Helikopterbataljon - svea helicopter battalion 2Hkpbat1998 2000
    Gota Helikopterbataljon - gota helicopter battalion 3Hkpbat1998 2000
    Östgota Helikopterbataljon - Östgota Helicopter Battalion 4Hkpbat1998 2004
    Norrlands Helikopterskvadronen - norrlands helicopter squadron 1Hkpskv2000 2005
    Forsta Helikopterskvadronen - first helicopter squadron 1Hkpskv2005 --
    Svea Helikopterskvadronen - svea helicopter squadron 2Hkpskv2000 2005
    Andra Helikopterskvadronen - second helicopter squadron 2Hkpskv2008 --
    Tredje Helikopterskvadronen - third helicopter squadron 3Hkpskv2003 --
    Gota Helikopterskvadronen - gota helicopter squadron 5Hkpskv2000 2009
    Helikopterflottiljen Malmen - malmen helicopter squadron Hkpflj2004 2008

Bases and Locations

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Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
   Berga2Hkpbat 1998/   
   Göteborg Säve3Hkpbat 1998/   
   Linköping / Malmen2Hkpskv 2008/   
   Luleå/Kallax1Hkpskv 2005/   
   Ronneby3Hkpskv 2003/   
   Såtenäs3Hkpskv 2009/   

Model Types

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  Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk 2011
  NHI NH902007
  AW A109LUH 202006
  Schweizer 300C1619982002
  Hughes 269C / 3001019982002
  Agusta AB20419982001
  SNIA AS332M1 Super Puma 1019982015
  EC AS332M1 Super Puma219982015
  Agusta AB2063119982004
  MBB Bo105 201998
  Agusta AB412519982004
  Bell 206B Jet Ranger119982004
  KHI kv-107ii-16 hkp4c19982010

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