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Established 2003 with the acquisition of Gyrocam Systems, nowadays Trakka is a global leader provider for searchlights, cameras and advanced integrated systems.

Sold to Lockheed Martin in 2010

Branches and subsidiaries in
- Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia
- Roma, Italy
- Arla, Sweden (December 2015 acquisition of Swesystem AB)
- Dubai, UAE
- Bradenton, Florida, USA


Trakka Gets POA Certificate from EASA, 30-Mar-19 : #POA Trakka Systems AB, the Swedish subsidiary of the global leader provider for searchlights, cameras and advanced integrated systems, get Production Organisation Approval (POA) certificate from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

Trakka Searchlight for German Police EC135, 08-Mar-19 : #Searchlight ESG, Elektroniksystem and Logistik GmbH, has selected the TrakkaBeam TLX Searchlight for the German Police EC135

Trakka Systems for Washoe County Sheriff, 10-Sep-18 : #WashoeCounty Nevada Washoe County Sheriff’s Office RAVEN helicopters received TrakkaCam TC-300 and TrakkaMaps TM-100 systems

EASA Certification for A800 Searchlight on Bell 212/412, 05-Oct-17 : Helitech 2017 Trakka Systemsreceived an EASA STC for the installation of the A800 searchlight onto the Bell 212 and 412 helicopters

Norwegian Police New AW169 with Trakka Searchlight, 22-Sep-17 : Helitech 2017 Leonardo selected the new Trakka Systems TrakkaBeam TLX high-intensity, high power searchlight for the new Norwegian Police AW169 helicopters

Hong Kong Government H175 with Trakka Searchlight, 01-Mar-16 : Heli-Expo 2016 Trakka Systems announce that Airbus Helicopters have selected the TrakkaBeam A800 tactical searchlight for the new 7 H175 acquired by Hong Kong’s Government Flying Services (GFS)

29-Feb-16 - Trakka A800 Searchlight Gets EASA Certification for AW139 Heli-Expo 2016
03-Apr-15 - Trakka Searchlight chosen for CHP AS350 Fleet

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