austria Aerial-Helicopter

Founded at Stockerau, Austria in 1995 providing flight school and charter services

Model Types

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Agusta A109E Power
Agusta AB206A
Agusta AB206B
Eurocopter AS350B2 Ecureuil
Eurocopter EC120B
MBB Bo105C
Schweizer 300C

List of Aircraft

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Bo105C 0147 D-HCCA : Aerial Helicopter; to OE-XRM
Bo105CB 0438 D-HDML : Aerial Helicopter Aug.06; ex DRF
300C S1595 OE-XAK : Aerial Helicopter; ex D-HMIX; w/o 10jun04 struck terrain near Sto ...
AB206B 8434 OE-XDD : Aerial Helicopter
AS350B2 Ecureuil 2621 1992OE-XDR : Aerial Helicopter 2006; ex I-FLAG; to SE-JKB
A109E Power 11033 1998OE-XHD : Aerial Helicopter; from SIMU Trade Consulting, Vienna, Austria; t ...
AB206A 8246 1970OE-XRF : Aerial Helicopter; conv ab206b; from 1997 ex G-BNRE; to OM-XRB
EC120B 1215 2001OE-XST : Aerial Helicopter

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