australia ANSETT-ANA

Established October 1957 after Ansett Airways purchased Australian National Airways. From 1981 was known as Ansett and in 1990 finally became Ansett Australia. Ceased commercial operations on 2002.

Model Types

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Bell 206A
Bristol Sycamore 3
Sikorsky S-61N
Sikorsky S-62A
Sud Aviation SO-1221 Djinn

List of Aircraft

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206A 14 1967VH-ANC : Ansett Transport Industries from May67, test serial Bell Helicopt ...
206A 474 1969VH-AND : Ansett Airlines of Australia Jan70, ex N2230W; conv 206B; sold 19 ...
S-62A 62-003 1960VH-AND : sold Ansett ANA as VH-AND, 12Jul67; w/o in crash in Bass Strait, ...
: w/o 24aug67 ditch beside Glomar III oil-rig, pilot injured, 8 sa ...
S-62A 62-010 1959VH-ANE : Ansett Transport Industries 1967, ex N980; Mar68 to Airfast Servi ...
S-61N 61-748 1976VH-BRH : del ANSETT-ANA as VH-BRH, 26May76
S-61N 61-242 1964VH-BRI : Ansett Transport Ltd reg Sep64; 1968 to Ansett Airlines of Austra ...
SO-1221 Djinn 1005 VH-INP : Ansett d/d 1957; w/o May58; preserved Queensland Air Museum
Sycamore 3 13068 VH-INQ : To Ansett-ANA as VH-INQ by Sep 1959

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