australia NSCA

National Safety Council of Australia

Established 1927, for much of its life NSCA was a volunteer organisation concerned largely with accident prevention. Since the financial collapse of its Victorian Division in 1989 is a smaller non-profit organisation promoting safety awareness and occupational health and safety training, consulting and auditing and hosting the National Safety Awards of Excellence and other events

Model Types

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Bell 205A
Bell 205A-1
Bell 212
Bell 412

List of Aircraft

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212 30550 1972VH-NSA : NSCA
212 30881 1978VH-NSB : National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA), Victorian Division; ...
412 33074 VH-NSB : NSCA, to VH-ESG
212 30524 1971VH-NSC : NSCA National Safety Council of Australia, noted Nov84
412 33029 1981VH-NSC : NSCA
205A-1 30115 VH-NSI : NSCA, to C-GFHW
412 33058 1981VH-NSI : NSCA, to N168EH
205A 30002 1968VH-NSM : NSCA, rtn to C-GFHU
412 33089 1983VH-NSO : National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA), noted Oct86
412 33091 1982VH-NSP : NSCA, , first reg Jan85
205A 30032 1969VH-NSQ : NSCA, to C-GFHT
205A-1 30100 1970VH-NST : NSCA, to C-GFHU
212 30684 1975VH-NSU : NSCA
212 30849 1977VH-NSY : NSCA; to Kestrel?

14 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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