australia North Australian Helicopters


North Australian Helicopters

North Australian Helicopters
Established in 1993 operating throughout Australia northern areas

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  Bell 2062007

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R44 II 11597 2007VH-CMT : NAH from Jun12
R22 Beta II 4135 2006VH-HEG : NAH from May07
R44 Raven II 10794 2005VH-HEV : NAH from Jul09
R44 Raven II 10945 2005VH-HFX : NAH from May06
R22 Beta II 4281 2007VH-HGP : NAH from May08
R22 Beta II 4299 2007VH-HJY : NAH from May08
206B-3 Jet Ranger 4096 1990VH-HQD : NAH from Mar07
R22 Beta II 3444 2003VH-HYL : NAH from Feb05
206B-3 Jet Ranger 3796 1984VH-HYO : NAH from Aug07
R22 Beta II 3498 2003VH-HZI : NAH from Feb05
R22 Beta II 3557 2004VH-IMJ : NAH from Mar09
206B-2 Jet Ranger 1548 1974VH-JWE : NAH from Jul09
206B-2 Jet Ranger 1556 1974VH-JWS : NAH from Nov11
R44 Raven 1337 2003VH-MGA : NAH from Jul09
R44 Raven 1527 2005VH-MGQ : NAH from Jul09
R44 Raven 1832 2007VH-NYY : NAH from May10
R44 Raven II 11021 2005VH-RIJ : North Australian Helicopters from May06
R22 Beta II 4002 2005VH-RIY : NAH from May06
R44 Raven 2074 2010VH-RPQ : NAH from Sep12
R44 Raven 1947 2008VH-RPZ : North Australian Helicopters from Feb10
R22 Beta II 4026 2005VH-RZS : NAH from Aug06
206L-1 Long Ranger 45591 1981VH-WLI : NAH from Jul09
R22 Beta 1106 1989VH-XKS : North Australian Helicopters at Katherine, NT from Jul96; 27jan98 ...

23 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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