czechoslovakia Slov-Air

List of Helicopter Operators

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Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    Slov-Air Czechoslovakia1969 1992

Bases and Locations

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Base / HeliportUnits on this Location

Model Types

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Mil Mi-2 Hoplite

List of Aircraft

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Mi-2 Hoplite 3830 1974OK-EIP : Slov-Air re registered to OM-EIP
Mi-2 Hoplite 3831 1974OK-EIR : Slov-Air re registered to OM-EIR
Mi-2 Hoplite 3501 1974OK-EIT : Slov-Air 1989-1992 toward OM-EIT
Mi-2 Hoplite 4307 1975OK-FIN : Slov-Air re registered to OM-FIN
Mi-2 Hoplite 4308 1975OK-FIO : Slov-Air re registered to OM-FIO
Mi-2 Hoplite 4517 1975OK-FIQ : Slov-Air
Mi-2 Hoplite 4518 1975OK-FIS : Slov-Air re registered to OM-FIS

7 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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