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Ascent Helicopters offers specialized flight services to a variety of government and industry clients including air Ambulance medevac, film and mining/resource exploration. Based at Parksville and Fernie, BC


Ascent Helicopters Add New H125, 20-May-16 : Canadian operator Ascent Helicopters from Fernie, British Columbia expands its fleet with a new Airbus Helicopters H125 to be used throughout the Western region

Model Types

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  Mc.D.D MD902 Explorer2012

List of Aircraft

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212 31111 1980C-GRIL : Ascent Helicopters from Feb15
206L-1 Long Ranger 45410 1980C-GVIW : Ascent Helicopters from May/Nov 2012
MD369F / MD500F 0081FF C-GWLR : Ascent Helicopters from May15
212 30702 1979C-GWWL : Ascent Helicopters from Apr06
205A 30023 1969C-GWWP : Ascent Helicopters from Dec06, conv 205A-1 type
206L-4 Long Ranger 52170 1996C-GWWQ : Ascent Helicopters from Jan10, conv to 206LT type
MD902 Explorer 900/00086 2001C-GWXP : Ascent Helicopters from Apr12 as N902JW, reg C-GWXP Sep12
: 13sep15 pictured (pic2) departing Langley airport

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