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VIHA Installed NVG on HeliJet S-76C+ Ambulances, 27-Feb-18 : Heli-Expo 2018 VIH Aerospace (VIHA) installed STC Certified Night Vision systems on 3 Helijet International’ S-76C+ operated for BC Ambulance Service

Airmedic’s New Call Dispatch System, 11-Dec-17 : Airmedic, a Quebec-based air medical service, finished implementing a new call dispatch system, Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), at its emergency call centre

Helijet to Install NVIS to BC Ambulance S-76s, 30-Aug-17 : Helijet to develop and install Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) into all three S-76C+ medical helicopters operated for the BC Ambulance Service

Ornge Celebrating 40th Anniversary, 21-Apr-17 : Ontario’s air ambulance, Ornge, celebrating its 40th Anniversary and a number of events are scheduled throughout the year to celebrate this milestone

EHS LifeFlight Service Extended to 2032, 26-Jan-17 : Canadian Helicopters, part of HNZ Group, extended to 2032 its Emergency Health Services (EHS) LifeFlight contract with the Province of Nova Scotia. Started in 1996 and currently served with two S-76C+

Airmedic Has Rescued Over 2,000 People in Quebec, 25-Jan-17 : Airmedic, a Quebec-based emergency medical service, has completed 2,050 missions since its creation in April 2012

Airwork to Upgrade STARS BK117 Fleet, 18-Jan-17 : Airwork NZ will upgrade 3 of 8 Alberta’s STARS (Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service) BK117-B2 to the BK117-850D2 type installing Honeywell LTS101-850B-2 engines

Ornge Wins 2016 AMTC Simulation Competition, 16-Dec-16 : AMTC 2016 Ornge, Ontario’s air ambulance, won the 2016 Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC) simulation competition in North Carolina. Two of the top three teams were Canadian.

Ornge Signs Support Contract for AW139 Fleet, 14-Dec-16 : AMTC 2016 Ontario air ambulance service Ornge extended 6 years the support contract for their eleven AW139 helicopters. They fly from seven bases 6000 hs/year with a 95 percent dispatch availability rate

Spectrum Aeromed Equips AW139 for Ornge, 28-Oct-16 : Spectrum Aeromed interior was installed on an AW139 for Ornge, Ontario’s air ambulance, base in Moosonee

All Canada Aeromedical Transport ACAT 2016, 18-Oct-16 : #ACAT2016 Ornge, Ontario’s air ambulance service, announced the first All Canada Aeromedical Transport (ACAT) Safety Conference to be held in Mississauga October 18-19.

Waypoint Leased EMS AW139 to Ornge, 26-Aug-16 : Waypoint Leasing from Ireland acquired a pre-owned AW139 in EMS (Emergency Medical Service) configuration and placed it on long-term lease to Ornge of Ontario, Canada

STARS Ambulance Stocking Blood, 21-Jun-16 : The Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service (STARS) is the first air medical program in Canada to begin stocking blood in advance for life-saving transfusions

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