congo, dr force aerienne du congo

air force of the democratic rep of Congo

From 1971 to 1997, the Air Force was known as the Zaire Air Force (French: Force Aerienne Zairoise)

Model Types

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  SNIA SA330 Puma121971??

List of Aircraft

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SA330C Puma 1167 9T-HP10 : Zaire airforce
SA330C Puma 1174 9T-HP11 : Zaire airforce
SA330C Puma 1180 9T-HP12 : Zaire airforce
SA330C Puma 1246 9T-HP13 : Zaire airforce
SA330C Puma 1250 9T-HP14 : Zaire airforce
SA330L Puma 1498 9T-HP16 : Zaire airforce
SA330L Puma 1503 9T-HP17 : Zaire airforce
SA330C Puma 1072 19719T-HP6 : Zaire airforce
SA330C Puma 1084 9T-HP7 : Zaire airforce
SA330C Puma 1126 9T-HP8 : Zaire airforce
SA330C Puma 1098 9T-HP9 : Zaire airforce
SA321J Super Frelon 169 9T-SPF : Zaire airforce; President Mobutu aicraft
SE3160 Alouette III 1360 HT-2 : Force Aerienne du Congo toward 9Q-CHJ
S-55A 55-1272 1959KAT-41 : Congo; ex N858, S-41
S-55A 55-1276 1959KAT-42 : Congo; ex N859, S-52
AS332L Super Puma 2108 P20 : Zaire airforce, test serial F-WTNH
SA330H Puma 1294 TN-231 : Zaire airforce d/d May75; w/o 11mar76

17 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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