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    The China Maritime Safety Administration ( CHINA MSA ) is the government agency, part of the Ministry of Transport, which cordinates maritime search and rescue in the territorial waters of the People s Republic of China.

    The Rescue and Salvage Bureau of Ministry of Transport (MOT CRS) is the national maritime search and rescue force.


    Six AW189 for Chinese Maritime Search and Rescue, 17-Mar-22 : China’s maritime professional rescue and salvage force ordered 6 new Leonardo AW189 to be delivered by 2023. The helicopters will extend Chinese search and rescue (SAR) capability to the 200 nautical miles

    China Orders H175 for Search and Rescue, 06-Mar-19 : Heli-Expo 2019 China’ Rescue and Salvage Bureau (CRS), part of Ministry of Transport (MOT), ordered its first two H175 in search and rescue (SAR) configuration. Currently using four H225

    Eighth S-76D to the China Maritime Safety Administration, 28-Sep-15 : The last two S-76D were delivered to China for maritime search and rescue operations. China Ministry of Transport (MOT) now totals 16 S-76 helicopters, eight of which are S-76D aircraft.

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    Model Types

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      AW AW1892023
      AH H175 / EC1752020
      Sikorsky S-76D2013
      AW AW109S Grand22009
      EC EC225LP2007

    List of Aircraft

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    AW109S Grand 22132 : China MSA d/d 04dec09, test serial I-PTFF
    AW109S Grand 22139 : China MSA from Nov09
    EC225LP 2666 B-7125 : China Ministry of Transportation, South China Sea
    : 4th EC225 for Ministry of Transport contract, del summer in Chin ...
    EC225LP 2673 B-7126 : China Ministry of Transportation, South China Sea
    EC225LP 2676 B-7127 : China Ministry of Transportation
    EC225LP 2781 B-7136 : China Rescue
    EC225LP 2786 B-7137 : China Rescue
    S-76D 761040 B-7340 : China MSA, test serial N7640V
    S-76D 761041 B-7341 : China MSA, test serial N7641B
    S-76D 761042 B-7356 : China MSA, test serial N7642F
    S-76D 761043 B-7357 : China MSA, test serial N7643M
    S-76D 761051 B-7358 : China MSA, test serial N7651C
    S-76D 761052 B-7359 : China MSA, test serial N7652V
    S-76D 761055 B-7360 : China MSA, test serial N7655Q
    S-76D 761056 2014B-7361 : China MSA, test serial N7656E

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