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    The China Maritime Safety Administration ( CHINA MSA ) is the government agency, part of the Ministry of Transport, which cordinates maritime search and rescue in the territorial waters of the People s Republic of China.


    China Orders H175 for Search and Rescue, 06-Mar-19 : Heli-Expo 2019 China’ Rescue and Salvage Bureau (CRS), part of Ministry of Transport (MOT), ordered its first two H175 in search and rescue (SAR) configuration. Currently using four H225

    Eighth S-76D to the China Maritime Safety Administration, 28-Sep-15 : The last two S-76D were delivered to China for maritime search and rescue operations. China Ministry of Transport (MOT) now totals 16 S-76 helicopters, eight of which are S-76D aircraft.

    Sixth S-76D to the China Maritime Safety Administration, 08-Sep-15 : China Helicopter Exposition 2015 Sikorsky delivered six (of eight) S-76D helicopters to the China Ministry of Transport (MOT) for Search and Rescue Operations (SAR) enhancing CHINA MSA maritime capabilities.

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    Model Types

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      AH H175 / EC1752020
      Sikorsky S-76D2013
      AW AW109S Grand22009
      EC EC225LP2007

    List of Aircraft

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    AW109S Grand 22132 : China MSA d/d 04dec09, test serial I-PTFF
    AW109S Grand 22139 : China MSA from Nov09
    EC225LP 2666 B-7125 : China Ministry of Transportation, South China Sea
    : 4th EC225 for Ministry of Transport contract, del summer in Chin ...
    EC225LP 2673 B-7126 : China Ministry of Transportation, South China Sea
    EC225LP 2676 B-7127 : China Ministry of Transportation
    EC225LP 2781 B-7136 : China Rescue
    EC225LP 2786 B-7137 : China Rescue
    S-76D 761040 B-7340 : China MSA, test serial N7640V
    S-76D 761041 B-7341 : China MSA, test serial N7641B
    S-76D 761042 B-7356 : China MSA, test serial N7642F
    S-76D 761043 B-7357 : China MSA, test serial N7643M
    S-76D 761051 B-7358 : China MSA, test serial N7651C
    S-76D 761052 B-7359 : China MSA, test serial N7652V
    S-76D 761055 B-7360 : China MSA, test serial N7655Q
    S-76D 761056 2014B-7361 : China MSA, test serial N7656E

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