germany HDM Flugservice

HDM Luftrettung ( Air ambulance ) company established in 1972

List of Units

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Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    Christoph Munchen (HDM)1991 --

Bases and Locations

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Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
   Klinikum GrosshadernChristoph Munchen (HDM) 1991/   

Model Types

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  EC EC1452003
  Bell 412

List of Aircraft

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EC145 9454 2011D-HDDN : HDM; Jan12 Christoph Munchen
EC145 9063 2004D-HDER : HDM 2013-2014
EC145 9038 2003D-HDRR : HDM; Sep07 Christoph Munchen
: HDM Flugservice 2009
: Jan11 Christoph Munchen
AB412HP 25802 D-HHAA : HDM Luftrettung from 2006 ex SE-JIV
412HP 36066 D-HHCC : HDM Flugservice from 1994, Bell serial N6227S
: 16-20may06 Berlin air show
: 2007 Christoph Nurnberg
: 06sep10 damaged at Berlin/Marzahn
412EP 36355 2005D-HHDM : HDM Flugservice; to Italy operated by Helitalia Regione Abruzo, t ...
230 23005 1993D-HHEH : HDM-Flugservice GmbH; Jun94 at ILA airshow Berlin
412HP 36046 D-HHII : HDM Flugservice Jul95, Bell serial N31408; Back to Bell as N9124N ...
412HP 36031 1991D-HHLL : HDM, canc 1995
412SP 33205 1990D-HHNN : HDM reg Aug90, ex N3216N; 1995 pictured in Germany prior delivery ...
412HP 36041 D-HHTT : HDM Stuttgart 1992-1995, ex N3103K
412HP 36057 1993D-HHUU : HDM Flugservice; Bell test serial N6162A
412HP 36059 D-HHVV : HDM Luftrettung; Bell serial N6173A
412HP 36076 1993D-HHXX : HDM Flugservice; w/o 24nov02 crash on landing at Pritzwalk, Brand ...
412HP 36051 D-HHYY : HDM Flugservice; to XA-UAR
412HP 36065 1993D-HHZZ : HDM Flugservice Feb96-Dec01; Sep00 pictured as air ambulance at H ...
Bk117B-1 7204 1989D-HIMU : HDM Flugservice operated for DRF

17 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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