france PBHélicoptères

Model Types

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Agusta AB206A
Bell 206L Long Ranger
Bell 47G-2
Hughes 269C / 300
Schweizer 300C

List of Aircraft

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47G-2 1458 F-BVXD : PBHélicoptères; pictured (top) at Royan. During the summer flo ...
: 26jul14 pictured (bot) with floats at Royan
300C S1302 F-GHOO : PB Helicopteres; pictured with floats at Royan
269C / 300 0586 F-GHTH : PBHélicoptères; pictured at Royan. Bell 47 F-GLID on backgroun ...
: pictured (bot) again at Royan
47G-2 2416 F-GLID : PBHélicoptères; pictured at Royan
206L Long Ranger 45082 1977F-GXJH : PBHélicoptères; pictured (top) at Royan
: pictured (bot) again at Royan
AB206A 8112 1969F-HEFS : PB Helicopters; pictured at Royan

6 Construction Numbers in this organisation found