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  • greece EKAB

    National Centre for Emergency Care
    Air Medical Services

    Ethniko Kentro Amesis Boithias


    Greek Ambulance EKAB Acquires EpiShuttles, 13-Sep-20 : #EKAB Greek ambulance service EKAB acquired thanks donations seven isolation stretchers EpiShuttle from Norwegian company EpiGuard

    Model Types

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      Agusta A109E Power 620002003

    List of Aircraft

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    A109E Power 11059 SX-HDQ : EKAB; to air force
    A109E Power 11060 SX-HDR : EKAB; w/o 17jun02 crash at Anafi Island. 5 fatalities
    A109E Power 11063 SX-HDS : EKAB; to air force
    A109E Power 11066 SX-HDT : EKAB; w/o 14jan01 crashed at St George islet near Sounion. 5 fata ...
    A109E Power 11070 SX-HDU : EKAB; to air force
    A109E Power 11096 SX-HDV : EKAB; w/o 11feb03 at Icaria, Aegean Sea. 4 fatalities

    6 Construction Numbers in this organisation found