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Five MD902 Delivered To Hungarian Police, 14-Feb-17 : The Hungarian National Police received 5 former German Police MD902 Explorer helicopters to replace an aging Mi-2 fleet

Model Types

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  Mc.D.D MD902 Explorer2016
  Mc.D.D MD369E / MD500E 61986
  Mil Mi-2 Hoplite 71978

List of Aircraft

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MD902 Explorer 900/00093 2001? : Hungarian police 2017
MD902 Explorer 900/00097 ? : Hungarian Police 2017
MD902 Explorer 900/00098 2001? : Hungarian Police 2017
Mi-2 Hoplite 5431 1977R-10 : Hungary Police d/d 1978; w/o 02apr87; fuselage at Aircraft Museum ...
Mi-2 Hoplite 5438 1978R-11 : Hungary Police d/d 1978; w/o 13aug83 near to Sopron
Mi-2 Hoplite 5439 1978R-12 : Hungary Police d/d 1978; w/o 14may86 near to Pécs
Mi-2 Hoplite 6119 1979R-13 : Hungary Police Blue Thunder d/d 1979; Sep14 noted still in use
: 30apr10 pictured at Ferihegy, Hungary
Mi-2 Hoplite 6120 1979R-14 : Hungary Police d/d 1979; 2010 upgraded; Feb15 still
Mi-2 Hoplite 7201 1981R-15 : Hungary Police d/d 1981; Feb15 still
Mi-2 Hoplite 8016 1983R-16 : Hungary Police d/d 1983; w/o 22aug86 Pécel
AS355F2 Ecureuil 2 5614 1997R-355 : Hungarian Police, to HA-TWN
MD369E / MD500E 0367E R-501 : Hungary Police
MD369E / MD500E 0368E R-502 : Hungary Police; 16+17aug08 Kecskemet air show
MD369E / MD500E 0416E R-504 : Hungary Police
MD902 Explorer 900/00052 1997R-900 : Hungarian police by Jul16
MD902 Explorer 900/00096 2001R-904 : Hungarian Police from Oct16

16 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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