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Mexican Federal Police Black Hawk Overhaul, 01-Dec-17 : Dangle Aviation, part of TAI-GLOBAL, repaired a battle damaged UH-60 Black Hawk from the Mexican Federal Police and is going to upgrade another one at Ryan Airfield, Tucson, Arizona

Colombia to Support Black Hawk in Latin America, 04-Aug-16 : Formed in 2012, Sikorsky Colombia operates a Black Hawk depot repair facility fully tooled and equipped to provide complete airframe structural repairs and is now offering its services to Mexico

UH-60L/M simulator for Mexican Federal Police, 05-Mar-14 : Tampa, Florida, USA - CAE today announced it is designing and manufacturing a UH-60 Black Hawk full-mission simulator to be used by the Mexican Federal Police.

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  Sikorsky s-70 H-602008
  Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen) 2000

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UH-60M Black Hawk PF-108 : Policia Federal Mexico d/d 11jan11, BuNo 09-20198
UH-60M Black Hawk PF-109 : Policia Federal Mexico d/d 11Jan11, BuNo 09-20200
UH-60M Black Hawk PF-110 : Policia Federal Mexico d/d 11jan11, BuNo 09-20205
: 29abr17 pictured (pic2) at FAMEX 2017, Sta Lucia
UH-60M Black Hawk PF-111 : Policia Federal Mexico d/d Dec11, BuNo 10-20328
UH-60M Black Hawk PF-112 : Policia Federal Mexico Nov12, BuNo 10-20329
UH-60M Black Hawk PF-113 : Policia Federal Mexico Aug13, BuNo 10-20333
Mi-17-1V 312M82 PF-201 : 2012 SAR orange livery; to be confirmed
Mi-8MTV-1 95582 PF-202 : Policia Federal 2010; to be confirmed
: 29apr17 pictured at FAMEX 2017, Sta Lucia
Mi-17-1V 95663 PF-203 : Policia Federal; w/o 03may10; to be confirmed
Mi-17-1V 96077 PF-204 : Policia Federal 2011; to be confirmed
UH-60L Black Hawk XC-AT? : Policia Federal Mexico PF-106; w/o 19sep13 at Guerrero during Ma ...
UH-60L Black Hawk 3233 XC-AT? : Policia Federal Mexico PF-105
UH-60L Black Hawk XC-AT? : Policia Federal Mexico PF-104
UH-60L Black Hawk XC-ATA : Policia Federal Mexico PF-101
UH-60L Black Hawk 3229 XC-ATB : Policia Federal Mexico PF-107, to be conf
UH-60L Black Hawk XC-ATF : Policia Federal Mexico PF-103
UH-60L Black Hawk XC-ATP : Policia Federal Mexico PF-102
407GX 54545 XC-LOE : Police, Secretaría de Seguridad Pública (SSP), CDMX, Grupo Cond ...
407GX 54547 XC-LOG : Police, Secretaría de Seguridad Pública (SSP), CDMX, Grupo Cond ...
EC120B 1141 2000XC-MXL : Policia from 2008
206B-3 Jet Ranger 2690 XC-PFC : Policia Federal, to XB-JFR
Mi-17-1V 312M82 XC-PFD : Policia Federal PF-302 2000
Mi-8MTV-1 95582 XC-PFE : Policia Federal PF-304 2000
Mi-17-1V 95663 XC-PFF : Policia Federal PF-303 2000
Mi-17-1V 96077 XC-PFG : Policia Federal PF-305 2000
412EP 36265 2000XC-PFI : PF-316 from Nov00, test serial N9085C; w/o 21sep05
412HP 36039 1991XC-PFI : Policia Federal Mexico from 1994, w/o 15aug97
HB350B3 Esquilo 3216 XC-PFQ : PF-318
MD369F / MD500F 0079FF XC-PFV : Policia, test serial N1607Y
SA330J Puma 1614 XC-PFZ : Mexico; PF-301; ex XC-FEG,XC-FDE,XA-SRM

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