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Model Types

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Aerospatiale AS350B Ecureuil
Aerospatiale AS350D Astar
Kawasaki Heavy Industries bk117
Kawasaki Heavy Industries BK117A-4
Robinson R22 Beta II

List of Aircraft

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R22 Beta II 3902 2005ZK-HGW : Helipro Aviation Training; 02dec06 pictured at Wellington
AS350D Astar 1258 ZK-HYD : Helipro / Rick Lucas Helicopters Ltd, New Zealand
bk117 1008 ZK-HYE : Helipro / Rick Lucas Helicopters, NZ; 30jan08 pictured at Wellin ...
bk117 1011 ZK-HYI : Helipro (Rick Lucas Helicopters) from Sep05
BK117A-4 1016 ZK-HYO : Helipro NZ; 2012 with Helipro fiji as HEMS; canc
AS350D Astar 1186 1979ZK-HYO : Helipro NZ, noted 2000-2001
AS350B Ecureuil 2050 1987ZK-IBQ : Oct12 for sale in Palmerston North New Zealand at HELiPRO/Rick Lu ...

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