togo Force Aerienne Togolaise

Togolese Air Force

The Air Force was formed on 1 Jul 1973, from an earlier Army formation and air assets transferred across to the new organisation. There have been several name changes along the way:
  • Escadrille Nationale Togolaise in 1973
  • Groupement Aérien Togoloaise at the end of 1980, and
  • Force Aérienne Togolaise on 16 Apr 1997.

Model Types

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  SNIA SA365N Dauphin 212004
  SNIA Alouette III21998??
  SNIA AS332L Super Puma11990??
  SNIA SA330G Puma119751989
  SNIA SA318C Alouette II219731979

List of Aircraft

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SA318C Alouette II 2179 5V-MAF : transferred from Army on 1 Jul 1973.
: crashed 6 Mar 1979 and re-manufactured as a SA315B Lama
SA318C Alouette II 2250 5V-MAJ : to Togo Army in 1970
: Togo air force
: crashed 18 Dec 1979 near Lomé and remanufactured as SA315B Lama
SA330G Puma 1323 5V-MAK : Togo airforce
: crashed 3 Apr 1989 in Dakar.
SA315B Lama 2536 5V-MBL : FAT
AS332L Super Puma 2120 5V-MCD : ex 5V-TAH; to F-WQDX
Alouette III 1300 5V-MCK : To Togo Air Force 1998, with one other; to 5V-TAJ
AS332L Super Puma 2120 5V-TAH : Togo airforce 1990; VIP; reser 5V-MCD; to G-BWZX
Alouette III 1300 5V-TAJ : ex 5V-MCK
SA365N Dauphin 2 6112 5V-TTN : FAT vip ex F-WQSV

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