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A109a-II 7265 1984G-BVCJ : Castle Air Aug93-Feb04
A109a-II 7347 1985G-BXCB : Castle Air Feb/Dec 1997
: Castle Air Jun00-Feb01
A109a-II 7390 1987G-BXPX : Castle Air Dec97-May98, to US as unk
: Castle Air Mar/Apr 1999, to 8P-BHA
A109a-II 7266 1983G-BXWD : Castle Air May98-Sep04
A109e Power 11056 2000G-BZEI : Castle Air Nov08-Jan09
A109c 7627 1990G-CDDJ : Castle Air Charters 01/15 July 2005
G-CERO : Castle Air Ltd from Jun07
AW109E Power 11131 2001G-CFVB : Castle Air Feb/May 2009
A109e Power 11017 1998G-CRST : Castle Air Apr/Nov 2007, oper Rotormotion
: Castle Air from Feb11; 08may11 pictured at Popham
: Dec12 2284 total hours, on sale U$S 2.5M
: w/o 16jan13 hit a crane and crashed to ground at Vauxhall, London ...
A109c 7622 1990G-DBOY : Castle Air Charters Oct/Dec 2004
AW109E Power 11617 2004G-DIDO : Castle Air from Apr15
A109e Power 11111 2000G-EMHB : Castle Air Mar/Apr 2005
: Castle Air Mar/Nov 2008
AW109S Grand 22182 2010G-EMHE : Castle Air Sep/Oct 2015
AW109E Power 11159 G-EVIP : ex G-CEJS
AW109S Grand 22058 2007G-FUFU : Castle Air from May15
: 18sep15 at Burslem Cricket Club, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire
A109e Power 11011 1997G-FVIP : Castle Air from Jan14
AW109E Power 11158 2002G-GCMM : Castle Air Ltd Aug/Oct 2010
: Castle Air from Sep15-Mar17
AB206B-3 8733 1991G-GOUL : Castle Air Nov12-Oct13
AW109S Grand 22009 2005G-GRND : Castle Air Mar14-Aug15
A109c 7633 1996G-HBEK : Castle Air Jan/Mar 2006
A109e Power 11011 1997G-HCFC : Castle Air Oct09-Feb14; 14oct11 pictured (top) at Trebrown
A109a-II 7266 1983G-HDTV : Castle Air from Sep04
: 12apr07 pictured at Castle Air, Trebrown, Liskeard.
: 15may12 flying around Flamborough head today
: 28jun12 hovering over Minchinhampton Common, Gloucestershire
: 26jul12 flying over Herm
AW109E Power 11125 G-HSAR : Castle Air Dec10-Jan14; 14oct11 pictured at Trebrown, UK
AW109E Power 11208 2003G-IVIP : Castle Air Ltd from Sep13; 17dec13 pictured (top) at Yeovil
: 05jul15 pictured (bot) at London Heliport; Bristow Academy mrks
A109c 7630 1990G-JBEK : Castle Air Charters Jun/Jul 2006
AW109S Grand 22021 2006G-MCAN : Castle Air Nov09-Feb10
A109a-II 7347 1985G-OCMM : Castle Air; 14oct11 pictured at Trebrown
A109e Power 11043 1999G-OFTC : Castle Air; ex N195NJ
AB206B-3 8610 1981G-OMDR : Castle Air from Jul10; Tiger Helicopters, noted Mar11; 18jun13 ...
AB206B-3 8733 1991G-ONTV : Castle Air Apr98-Nov12
: Castle Air from Oct13
A109a-II 7326 1984G-TELY : Castle Air from Mar89; 17jul12 pictured at Godrevy, Gwithian
A109a-II 7289 1985G-TMUR : Castle Air; Apr07 as G-CEPO May07 as G-TMUR; 2010 to G-JBRG
AW109E Power 11168 2003G-TMWC : Castle Air Charters Mar/May 2006
A109e Power 11084 2000G-TRAW : Castle Air Jan12-Dec14
AW109E Power 11156 2002G-TRNG : Castle Air from Jan11; 11dec13 pictured at Yeovil
A109e Power 11079 2000G-WCIL : Castle Air Charters Jan/Apr 2005
206B-3 Jet Ranger 3370 1981G-XBOX : Castle Air from Aug11
AW109S Grand 22133 2009G-YRTE : Castle Air Jun/Aug 2014
A109a-II 7390 1987G-ZIZZ : Castle Air Nov07-Feb08
AW109S Grand 22004 2005M-AZKL : Castle Air, Feb13 to Nigeria
A109c 7619 1990N637CG : Castle Air Charters, noted Feb05-Oct06

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