united kingdom Everett Aero

List of Aircraft

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Wessex HC.2 wa139 1964XR517 : Sold to R Everett, Sproughton by Sep 1998, pres. Shoreham by Dec ...
wasp f.9541 1962XS463 : Everett Aero Sproughton by Mar 2003 (gone by Feb 2004)
Wessex HU.5 wa289 1965XT467 : Everett Aero, Sproughton by Mar 2003 still Feb 2004
SA341B Gazelle AH.1 1933 ZB666 : Everett Aero Sproughton by Mar 2003 (pod only, /G) still Feb 2004
Lynx HAS3 243 1981ZD249 : Held for scrap, Sproughton by Jun 2015

5 Construction Numbers in this organisation found