united kingdom HQ Aviation Ltd

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Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    HQ Aviation? --

Bases and Locations

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Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
   DenhamHQ Aviation

Model Types

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Airbus Helicopters H125 / AS350B3e Ecureuil
Hughes 369D / 500D
McDonnell Douglas MD369E / MD500E
Robinson R22 Beta
Robinson R22 Beta II
Robinson R44 Raven II
Robinson R66 Turbine

List of Aircraft

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R66 Turbine 0034 2011? : HQ Aviation from Jan15
R22 Beta 2048 1992G-BUBW : HQ Aviation from May12
: 26apr16 stored at Denham with no registration
R22 Beta II 3605 2004G-EFOF : HQ Aviation Nov14-Dec15
R22 Beta 0853 1988G-ETIN : HQ Aviation from Feb12
R66 Turbine 0516 2014G-HKCC : HQ Aviation from Sep14, test serial N664VA
H125 / AS350B3e Ecureuil 8219 2016G-HKCN : HQ Aviation Ltd from Jul16; w/o 10may17 landing on the yacht Baca ...
369D / 500D 1019D 1981G-HKHM : HQ Aviation Ltd from Jan14; 31may14 pictured at Denham
R44 Raven II 12140 2008G-LLIZ : 04feb14 HQ Aviation visit Hurn
MD369E / MD500E 0346E 1989G-UMBY : HQ Aviation Ltd from Oct12
: 11jul14 pictured at Denham
: Mar15 at Leeds Bradford heliport

9 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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