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First SAR/HEMS/Police Bell 429 Goes to Delaware, 05-Nov-14 : Delaware State Police Takes Delivery of World First Two Bell 429 Configured for Helicopter Emergency Services (HEMS), Search and Rescue (SAR) and Airborne Law Enforcement (ALE).

Two Bell 429s for Delaware State Police, 10-Apr-13 : Fort Worth, TX - Bell Helicopter, a Textron Inc. company, announced today that it has secured an agreement with the Delaware State Police for the supply of two Bell 429 aircraft. The multi-mission configured Bell 429s will be utilized for both airborne law enforcement operations and helicopter emergency medical services.

List of Helicopter Operators

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Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
  Security Forces
    Delaware River and Bay AuthorityDRBA? --
    Delaware State PoliceDSP? --
    Christiana Care Health System? --

Bases and Locations

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Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
   Christiana Hospital HeliportChristiana Care Health System
   Georgetown Sussex CountyChristiana Care Health System

Model Types

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  Bell 4071996
  Bell 429
  Bell 412

List of Aircraft

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Bk117B-1 7227 1990N117J : Christiana Care Health System, noted 2014-; LifeNet Delaware /61, ...
407 53458 2000N165SP : Delaware State Police DSP from Mar01, Bell serial N9127K Nov00
429 57184 2013N1SP : Delaware State Police DSP State Trooper, Nov14
: a crew member fatal fall during training exercise at Delaware C ...
412EP 36425 2006N2SP : Delaware State Police DSP, State Trooper Jun06-2014 Test serial N ...
429 57185 2013N2SP : Delaware State Police DSP State Trooper, Nov14; 05nov14 pictured ...
407 53011 1996N407SP : Delaware State Police DSP from May96, also as N10017
412EP 36425 2006N412AD : Delaware State Police DSP Aug/Dec 2014
Bk117A-3 7077 1986N420MB : Christiana Care Health System; LifeNet Delaware /64, noted 2015; ...
Bk117A-3 7082 1986N424MB : Christiana Care Health System at Georgetown, Delaware, noted 2010 ...
OH-58A Kiowa 40680 N513PD : Delaware River and Bay Authority (DRBA) Sep98-Oct12
EC135P2 0471 2006N530LN : Christiana Care Health System, noted 2007
429 57366 2019N6SP : State of Delaware at Dover, DE from Jan20
206A 612 1971N71SP : Delaware State Police DSP, to C-GJBW
407 53580 2003N75SP : Delaware State Police DSP from Jan04, test serial N269SP
EC145 MB 9595 2013N912CC : Christiana Care Health System at Georgetown, DE from , op by Air ...
407 53297 1999N97SP : Delaware State Police DSP from Apr99; w/o at Georgetown, DE; can ...
407 53407 2000N97SP : Delaware State Police DSP May00-Jan15, test serial C-GFVL

16 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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