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VIH Cougar

VIH Cougar
Established in 1995 as subsidiary of VIH Aviation Group. Support Deepwater Drilling and Production Projects in the Gulf of Mexico ( Galliano, LA ), Pacific Northwest and in Alaska.

List of Aircraft

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212 35058 1992N181W : VIH; BLR Aerospace; ex C-FOKZ; 2011 to PR-HRY
S-61N 61-364 1967N262F : VIH Cougar 2007-2011
S-61N 61-488 1971N263F : Apr07-Jan11; Pacific Helicopters Hawaii, noted 2003; VIH Cougar, ...
EC135P2 0479 2006N901VH : VIH Helicopters jun11-Jun13
S-92A 92-0061 2007N920VH : VIH Cougar from Nov10
S-92A 92-0114 2009N921VH : VIH Cougar Helicopters Jun/Dec 2012
AW139 31282 2010N925VH : VIH Cougar 2010-2012; HEMS, pictured (pic1)

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