serbia Ministarstvo Unutrašnjih Poslova

Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs

Serbian police helicopter unit was born before 42 years.Thay start to fly with Bell-47,and in early 80s we buy Bell 206 and Agusta Bell 212


Serbia Air Force and Police Orders 9 H145M, 28-Dec-16 : Serbian air force signed contract for 9 H145M / EC645T2. Plant "Moma Stanojlovic" near Belgrade will be certified as Maintenance Centre for these new helicopters plus the Gazelle already in service.

Model Types

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  AH H215 / AS332C1e / AS332L1e2021
  AH H145 / EC145T22018
  SNIA SA365N Dauphin 219842004

List of Aircraft

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SA341H Gazelle 1164 12607 : Yugoslavia / Serbia
SA341G Gazelle 1020 YU-HBB : Soko Yugoslavia
: Serbia Police, note Apr96
AB212 5709 YU-HCA :
AB212 5713 YU-HCE :
SA365N Dauphin 2 6112 YU-HCU : Serbian Police toward F-WQSV
H145 / EC145T2 20235 YU-ICE : Serbia Police, test serial D-HADR
H145 / EC145T2 20245 2018YU-MED : Serbia Ministry of Interior, test serial D-HADO; Police blue live ...
H145 / EC145T2 20249 YU-SAR : Serbia Ministry of Interior, test serial D-HCBV

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