Mir Zafriz

Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur malaysia Malaysia

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Member Since: 2010

I'm an aviation enthusiast from Malaysia. I would like to contribute Malaysian helicopter records & photos to this site. Thank you.

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Countries: --
Bases/Heliports: 18
Bases/Heliports Text: 1
Organisations: 50
Org. Text: 6
Units: 24
Unit Text: 2
Manufacturers: --
Manufacturers Text: --
Models: 12
Models Text: --
c/n: 186
c/n Text: 220
Model in Org: 24
Model in Org Text: 2
Link Mod.Org/Unit: 4
Link Unit/Base: 33
Roles: --
Ops: --
Ops Text: --
Ops Units: --

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