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HL-9238 1958 h-34g.i
HL-9489 2001 s-76c
HL6109 1970 47g-5
HL9101 206a
HL9113 1978 214B-1
HL9131 1976 214B-1
HL9132 1978 214B-1
HL9133 214B-1
HL9135 md520n Aero Peace
HL9136 214B-1
HL9151 1986 as350b1
HL9157 1976 214B
HL9167 2002 k-max
HL9168 2000 k-max
HL9170 1994 as350b2 Aero Peace
HL9171 1978 214B-1
HL9181 as350b2 Sallim-cheong
HL9184 as350b2 Sallim-cheong
HL9189 1980 as350d
HL9191 2010 407
HL9201 1991 as332L1 Korean Air
HL9203 1993 as365n2
HL9204 as365n2
HL9205 1993 as365n2
HL9209 1994 230
HL9210 1994 bk117b-1
HL9212 bk117b-1
HL9213 1980 212
HL9215 222
HL9216 1981 222
HL9218 222
HL9219 222
HL9224 1983 222B
HL9225 1996 md900 Korean Air
HL9226 1984 s-76a LG Electronics
HL9229 1985 sa365n
HL9230 1986 sa365n
HL9231 1985 412sp
HL9233 1988 412
HL9241 412sp
HL9243 bk117a-4 Aero Peace
HL9247 bk117b-2
HL9252 1995 s-76c LG Electronics
HL9257 w-3a
HL9260 1969 ch-54b Sallim-cheong
HL9262 w-3a
HL9263 1975 212
HL9264 w-3a
HL9265 w-3a
HL9268 as365n3 Samsung
HL9271 2003 ec155b1 Samsung
HL9275 1974 s61n.mk2 Tongil Air
HL9277 2012 aw139 South Korea Fire Fighting Departments
HL9278 2005 430
HL9283 1993 mi-8amt
HL9286 1984 214ST Aero Peace
HL9287 1973 S-61N Tongil Air
HL9292 2005 vvip Tongil Air
HL9294 2007 s-76c LG Electronics
HL9296 w-3a
HL9297 1974 s61n.mk2 Aero Peace
HL9301 1978 ab206b-2
HL9302 as350b2
HL9403 sw-4
HL9408 230
HL9409 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9410 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9411 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9412 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9413 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9414 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9415 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9416 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9417 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9418 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9419 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9420 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9421 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9422 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9423 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9424 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9425 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9426 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9427 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9428 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9429 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9430 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9431 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9432 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9433 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9434 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9435 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9436 ka-32t Sallim-cheong
HL9437 Ka-32A11BC Sallim-cheong
HL9442 1967 ch-54a Sallim-cheong
HL9443 1968 ch-54a Sallim-cheong
HL9444 1967 ch-54a Sallim-cheong
HL9447 as365n2 South Korea Fire Fighting Departments
HL9448 as365n2 South Korea Fire Fighting Departments
HL9455 as365n3
HL9459 430
HL9461 2001 as365n3 South Korea Fire Fighting Departments
HL9463 as365n3
HL9464 2006 as365n3
HL9466 bk117b-2
HL9467 1968 ch-54a Sallim-cheong
HL9472 2008 ec225lp South Korea Fire Fighting Departments
HL9476 2009 aw139 South Korea Fire Fighting Departments
HL9478 1961 S-61L
HL9481 Ka-32A11BC Sallim-cheong
HL9482 2009 aw139 Samsung
HL9483 2008 s-92a
HL9484 1973 s61n.mk2 Tongil Air
HL9485 2010 aw139 South Korea Fire Fighting Departments
HL9486 Ka-32A11BC Sallim-cheong
HL9487 2010 aw139 Samsung
HL9488 412sp
HL9489 2001 s-76c Helikorea
HL9490 1969 S-61N
HL9495 2010 ec135p2+ Korean Air
HL9496 2011 ec135p2+ Korean Air
HL9497 2011 ec135p2+ Korean Air
HL9600 s-76d
HL9601 1986 105cbs-2 Sejin aviation
HL9602 1971 105a Sejin aviation
HL9603 1971 105a Sejin aviation
HL9604 s-76d
HL9605 ec135p2+ Korean Air
HL9606 ec135p2+ Korean Air
HL9609 aw139 Samsung
HL9610 aw139 Samsung
HL9614 2015 aw139 Bristow South Korea
HL9615 2015 aw109sp UI Helicopter
HL9616 ec135p2+
HL9617 1991 105cbs-4 South Korea Fire Fighting Departments
HL9619 2015 h225 South Korea Fire Fighting Departments
HL9624 aw109sp UI Helicopter
HL9625 aw109sp UI Helicopter
HL9627 aw169 Helikorea
HL9628 2016 aw169 Helikorea
HL9630 1994 105cbs-4
HL9631 aw169 Helikorea

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