Helicopter Serials


IT Italy : I

I-9347 2008 ah130
I-A367 mini 500
I-ACOI ab139 Agusta Spa
I-AFET sa315b Airstar Elicotteri
I-AGFA sa365n1
I-AGFN 1982 sa365n
I-AGGR aw109s AgustaWestland Italy
I-AGIK 1997 a109k2 AgustaWestland Italy
I-AGKB 1996 a109k2 Vigili del Fuoco
I-AGKK a109k2 Elidolomiti SRL
I-AGKL a109k2 Elilario Italia ,Elidolomiti SRL
I-AGMI 1958 s-58b
I-AGNO 1989 a109c
I-AGSF ab412 Elilario Italia
I-AGSH 1987 A109a-II
I-AGSN 1988 A109a-II
I-AGUD 206a
I-AGUE ab204b
I-AGUG 1961 ab204b Agusta Spa
I-AGUH 1965 ab205 Agusta Spa
I-AGUI 1982 ab412 Airgreen
I-AGUP ab206a Agusta Spa
I-AGUS 47j
I-AGUT 1959 a102 Agusta Spa
I-AGUU a109 Agusta Spa ,Elilombarda
I-AGWH mk510 AgustaWestland Italy
I-AICO 2003 bk117c-1 Elilario Italia ,INAER Italia
I-AIRQ 1999 ec135p1 EliFriulia
I-AIRR 1990 ab412 Airgreen
I-AIRU 1966 se3160
I-AIRY 1989 as350b1 Airway Helicopters
I-AIUT 2014 ec135t3 Aiut Alpin Dolomites
I-AIVO 1981 412 Airgreen
I-ALKE 1991 as355f2
I-ALNA hb350b
I-AMAY sa315b EliOssola
I-AMLT 1981 as355e
I-AMSH 2001 as350b2 dedalus elieolie
I-AMVH as350b3
I-AMVN as350b3 Air Service Center
I-AMVT 2006 as350b3 Air Service Center
I-ANAG 1996 a109c
I-ANEW ab139 Agusta Spa ,Air Corporate
I-ANIA 1984 A109a-II
I-ANKO h145 INAER Italia
I-AOLA 1999 as350b3 Alpicopter
I-ARLY 1978 sa330j
I-ASAR ab139 Airgreen
I-ASFD 1955 ab47g Corpo Forestale dello Stato
I-ASIO se3160 Helops s.r.l.
I-ATWO ab139 Agusta Spa
I-AVCS 2013 aw139 INAER Italia
I-AVJC 1974 206b-2
I-AVJF bk117c-1 Elilario Italia
I-AWCC 2006 aw109s
I-AWCD 2006 aw119 Pellissier Helicopter
I-AWCE 2011 aw149 AgustaWestland Italy
I-AWCF 2012 aw169 AgustaWestland Italy
I-AWCG 2012 aw169 AgustaWestland Italy
I-AWCK 2012 aw169 AgustaWestland Italy
I-AWCM 2013 aw169 AgustaWestland Italy
I-AWCS 2012 aw109sp AgustaWestland Italy
I-AWIT ab139 AgustaWestland Italy
I-AWRH 2008 aw139
I-AWTA sw-4 AgustaWestland Italy
I-AWTC aw109sp AgustaWestland Italy
I-AWTD 2008 aw139 AgustaWestland Italy
I-AWTE 2008 aw139 AgustaWestland Italy
I-AWTF 2012 aw139 AgustaWestland Italy
I-AWTH aw149 AgustaWestland Italy
I-AWTI 2006 ab139 AgustaWestland Italy
I-AWTJ 2007 aw139 AgustaWestland Italy
I-AWTK 2011 aw139 AgustaWestland Italy
I-AWTQ 2009 aw139 AgustaWestland Italy
I-AXLE 1989 A109a-II
I-AZOR 1987 369f
I-B041 CH7 Kompress Charlie 2
I-BAFR 1990 a109c
I-BBCK 2014 ec145 INAER Italia
I-BBFI 2016 aw169 INAER Italia
I-BBPE 2015 aw169 INAER Italia
I-BEPP aw139 Airgreen ,INAER Italia
I-BKBS 1996 bk117c-1 Elilario Italia
I-BKUP 2017 h145 INAER Italia
I-BLBU 2004 as350b2
I-BLGN 2011 ec145 INAER Italia
I-BRMA 1992 ab412sp Elilombarda
I-BRXA 2015 h145 INAER Italia
I-BSPL 2008 aw109s Elilombarda
I-BUFC 2007 aw109s
I-BXWA 1965 se3160 Air Walser
I-CABO 2008 ec145 INAER Italia
I-CACO sa315b EliOssola
I-CALA h145 INAER Italia
I-CDDL 2006 aw139
I-CEPA ab139 Elilombarda
I-CESR 2007 aw109s Elilombarda
I-CFAA ab412sp Corpo Forestale dello Stato ,Vigili del Fuoco
I-CFAB ab412sp Corpo Forestale dello Stato ,Vigili del Fuoco
I-CFAC ab412sp Corpo Forestale dello Stato
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