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ZS-BAX 2006 aw109s
ZS-BAX 2007 aw109s
ZS-CTE ec130b4 Acher Aviation
ZS-EOS 2006 ab139 Fireblade Aviation
ZS-EOS 2013 aw139 Fireblade Aviation
ZS-HAA 1967 sioux
ZS-HAN 1988 222ut Henley Air
ZS-HAR 1995 A109c
ZS-HAU 2003 412ep
ZS-HBG II Bushveld Game Capture
ZS-HBO 2004 ec130b4
ZS-HBT s-51 Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag
ZS-HBU uh-1d FFA Assets Pty Ltd
ZS-HBV uh-1d
ZS-HCD 1967 206a
ZS-HCG aw119ke Air Mercy Service
ZS-HCJ 1967 206a
ZS-HCJ 1981 206b-3
ZS-HCL 1956 S-55C Autair Helicopters
ZS-HCM 1957 S-55C Autair Helicopters
ZS-HCO 1956 S-55C Autair Helicopters
ZS-HCP a119
ZS-HCP 206a Court Helicopters
ZS-HCT 1962 uh-12e
ZS-HCT 206a
ZS-HCW 1962 s-62a Court Helicopters
ZS-HCW 1963 S-62J Court Helicopters
ZS-HCX hus-1
ZS-HDE 206a
ZS-HDF 1984 222ut Henley Air
ZS-HDF 1988 222B
ZS-HDF 206a
ZS-HDF 1979 212
ZS-HDI 1987 222ut Henley Air
ZS-HDJ 1959 s-62a Court Helicopters
ZS-HDK 1971 S-61N Court Helicopters
ZS-HDK 1984 222ut Henley Air
ZS-HDK 2010 as350b3
ZS-HDM 1953 HO4S-3 Autair Helicopters
ZS-HDO 1953 HO4S-3
ZS-HDP 206a
ZS-HDS 222ut Henley Air
ZS-HDW 1983 222ut Henley Air
ZS-HDW 206b-2 Henley Air
ZS-HDX 1980 206l-1 Henley Air
ZS-HEC as350b2 Starlite Helicopters
ZS-HFC 2001 aw109e
ZS-HFF 1965 sioux
ZS-HFF 1968 sioux
ZS-HFI 1968 sioux
ZS-HFJ 1967 sioux
ZS-HFO raven II
ZS-HFT h-34g.III
ZS-HFV 1962 uh-12e
ZS-HFW 1963 uh-12e
ZS-HFY 1962 uh-12e
ZS-HFZ h-34g.III
ZS-HGB 1967 sioux
ZS-HGC uh-1d Leading Edge Aviation South Africa
ZS-HGO 1978 206b-3
ZS-HGU 1969 S-61L Court Helicopters
ZS-HGV 1967 sioux
ZS-HGX 1967 sioux
ZS-HGY 1967 sioux
ZS-HGZ sioux
ZS-HHB 1967 sioux
ZS-HHG 1965 uh-1d FFA Assets Pty Ltd
ZS-HHJ uh-1d FFA Assets Pty Ltd
ZS-HHK 1964 s-62a
ZS-HHK uh-1h FFA Assets Pty Ltd
ZS-HHL 2006 aw139
ZS-HHN 1972 S-61N Court Helicopters
ZS-HHN r66 Starlite Helicopters
ZS-HHP 1968 S-61L Court Helicopters
ZS-HHS 1974 212 Starlite Helicopters
ZS-HHU 1977 212
ZS-HHU 1998 430
ZS-HHX 1966 sioux
ZS-HHY 1999 430
ZS-HIB 206l Capital Air
ZS-HIG raven
ZS-HIH as350b3
ZS-HII 1966 s-62a Court Helicopters
ZS-HIL 1966 sioux
ZS-HIX Cabri G2 Starlite Helicopters
ZS-HIZ 1980 sa330j Starlite Helicopters ,Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag
ZS-HJA 1980 sa330j Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag ,Starlite Helicopters
ZS-HJA 407 Capital Air
ZS-HJB 2006 ec130b4 Acher Aviation
ZS-HJB 1965 sioux
ZS-HJB 206b-3 Capital Air
ZS-HJK 222
ZS-HJN 2012 ec130b4 Eurocopter Southern Africa
ZS-HJN h125 Department of Environmental Affairs
ZS-HJT 1967 sioux
ZS-HJU 206b-3 Capital Air
ZS-HJV 1994 230 Capital Air
ZS-HJW 1993 as365n2 Aerios Global Aviation
ZS-HKG 1981 412
ZS-HKL aw109s
ZS-HKM aw139
ZS-HKZ 1982 as355f
ZS-HLA uh-1d Leading Edge Aviation South Africa
ZS-HLB 2004 a119
ZS-HLG 1981 hp
ZS-HLI uh-1d FFA Assets Pty Ltd
ZS-HLJ uh-1d FFA Assets Pty Ltd
ZS-HLK uh-1h FFA Assets Pty Ltd
ZS-HLM 1966 sioux
ZS-HLM 1966 sioux
ZS-HLP uh-1h FFA Assets Pty Ltd
ZS-HLS 1982 hp
ZS-HLW 1966 sioux
ZS-HLX uh-1h FFA Assets Pty Ltd
ZS-HLX 1965 sioux
ZS-HLY 1966 sioux
ZS-HLZ uh-1h Leading Edge Aviation South Africa
ZS-HMD 2004 222B
ZS-HMD 2006 aw109s Air Mercy Service
ZS-HMD aw139 Titan Helicopter Group
ZS-HMF 2010 aw119ke Air Mercy Service
ZS-HMG II Ultimate Heli
ZS-HMN 2002 aw109e
ZS-HMP bk117a1
ZS-HMP 230
ZS-HMS 222 Henley Air
ZS-HMT 206a
ZS-HMT 1979 206l-1
ZS-HMU 1967 206a
ZS-HMU II Bushveld Game Capture
ZS-HMV 206a
ZS-HNB as355n Ultimate Heli
ZS-HNC bk117a1
ZS-HNC 1991 as355n Ultimate Heli
ZS-HNC 2004 412ep Ultimate Heli
ZS-HND 1999 as355n Ultimate Heli
ZS-HND bk117a1
ZS-HND 2008 412ep Ultimate Heli
ZS-HND 2004 412ep Ultimate Heli
ZS-HNJ sa330j
ZS-HNK 1977 sa330j
ZS-HNM 206a
ZS-HOA Cabri G2 Starlite Helicopters
ZS-HOB Cabri G2 Starlite Helicopters
ZS-HOD 2002 ec130b4 Ultimate Heli
ZS-HOY ec130b4 Starlite Helicopters
ZS-HPK 230 Henley Air
ZS-HRF 1986 105cbs-2 Suid-Afrikaans Polisie
ZS-HRG 1986 105cbs-2 Suid-Afrikaans Polisie
ZS-HRH 1986 105cbs-2 Suid-Afrikaans Polisie
ZS-HRI 1986 105cbs-2 Suid-Afrikaans Polisie
ZS-HRJ bk117a3
ZS-HRP 1984 bk117a1
ZS-HRP 1978 212 Starlite Helicopters
ZS-HRR bk117a3
ZS-HRU 1969 S-61N Court Helicopters
ZS-HRV bk117a3
ZS-HRW bk117a3
ZS-HRX sa365n1
ZS-HRZ 206b-3
ZS-HSD bk117a3 Suid-Afrikaans Polisie
ZS-HSG 1986 105cbs-2 Suid-Afrikaans Polisie
ZS-HSK 1987 222ut Henley Air
ZS-HSR 206b-3
ZS-HSU 2013 206l-4
ZS-HSX aw119ke Air Mercy Service
ZS-HSZ 1970 s61n.mk2 CHC South Africa
ZS-HTB 1988 222B
ZS-HTB 206a
ZS-HTF 2008 aw139 Starlite Helicopters
ZS-HTN sa321j
ZS-HTS 2008 as350b3
ZS-HUB 2006 ec130b4
ZS-HUD 1997 430
ZS-HUR 1985 md500e Starlite Helicopters
ZS-HUR 1976 sa341g
ZS-HUU 1987 bk117a4
ZS-HVI 1989 sa365n1
ZS-HVJ 1972 S-61N CHC South Africa
ZS-HVJ 2014 aw139 Titan Helicopter Group
ZS-HVR 222B Henley Air
ZS-HVS raven II Bushveld Game Capture
ZS-HWL 2013 EC130T2
ZS-HXX 1969 s61n.mk2 Court Helicopters
ZS-HXY II Bushveld Game Capture
ZS-HZA 1990 as355f2
ZS-OFJ 2006 raven II Henley Air
ZS-ONH 1988 105ls Netcare 911
ZS-OPK as350b3 Department of Environmental Affairs
ZS-OPL ec130b4
ZS-OTX beta II Starlite Helicopters
ZS-PAW 1974 206b-2
ZS-PVI as350b3
ZS-PVZ 1990 105cbs-4 Titan Helicopter Group
ZS-PWR 1978 s61n.mk2 CHC South Africa
ZS-PXW II Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RAU 1967 206a
ZS-RAX 1969 s61n.mk2 Court Helicopters
ZS-RAZ 1991 sa365n2
ZS-RBA 1989 105cbs-4 Suid-Afrikaans Polisie
ZS-RBS 1991 206l-3
ZS-RBX 206b-3
ZS-RCU 2005 480B
ZS-RDL 1992 as365n2
ZS-RDS 2007 ec130b4
ZS-RDU 2008 412ep Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RDV 1974 s61n.mk2 Court Helicopters ,CHC South Africa
ZS-RDV 2008 412ep Starlite Helicopters
ZS-REM astro
ZS-REO 1991 md500e
ZS-REV 230
ZS-REW beta II Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RFC 206b-3
ZS-RFW astro
ZS-RGF as350d
ZS-RGP 2009 raven II Protea Coin Group
ZS-RGT as350b3 Suid-Afrikaans Polisie
ZS-RGV 212 Titan Helicopter Group
ZS-RHB 1980 s-76a
ZS-RIC 407 Suid-Afrikaans Polisie
ZS-RIC police Suid-Afrikaans Polisie
ZS-RII police Suid-Afrikaans Polisie
ZS-RIM 1991 206l-3 Capital Air
ZS-RIM 1989 206l-3
ZS-RIP 1991 mi-8mtv-1 heyns helicopter pty ltd
ZS-RIT 1992 mi-8mtv-1 heyns helicopter pty ltd
ZS-RIU 1992 mi-8mtv-1 heyns helicopter pty ltd
ZS-RJD 1997 a109e Henley Air
ZS-RJE 1997 407
ZS-RJF 407 Capital Air
ZS-RJR 407
ZS-RJS 1981 s-76a CHC South Africa
ZS-RKB as350b3 Ultimate Heli
ZS-RKC sa330j
ZS-RKE police Suid-Afrikaans Polisie
ZS-RKH 1982 s-76a
ZS-RKH police Suid-Afrikaans Polisie
ZS-RKM 407 Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RKN 1977 212
ZS-RKN police Suid-Afrikaans Polisie
ZS-RKO 1981 s-76a CHC South Africa
ZS-RKP 1981 s-76a CHC South Africa
ZS-RKS ec130b4
ZS-RLC beta II Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RLD police Suid-Afrikaans Polisie
ZS-RLE as350b3
ZS-RLG 1984 s-76a
ZS-RLI 2000 ec155b
ZS-RLK 1977 s61n.mk2 CHC South Africa
ZS-RLL 1978 s61n.mk2 CHC South Africa
ZS-RLM 2005 407
ZS-RLM 2012 407gx
ZS-RLM 1998 407
ZS-RLO 2000 EC120B Department of Environmental Affairs
ZS-RLO 2009 as350b3 Eurocopter Southern Africa
ZS-RNJ sa330j Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RNK 1974 sa330f Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RNM sa330j Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RNR 1977 212 CHC South Africa
ZS-RNU beta II Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RNV 1970 sa316b
ZS-ROC raven II Starlite Helicopters
ZS-ROK 1989 412sp Starlite Helicopters
ZS-ROO 1974 206b-2
ZS-RPC 407
ZS-RPM 1997 430
ZS-RPM 2006 aw139
ZS-RPM 2011 aw139 Fireblade Aviation
ZS-RPN 1998 a109k2
ZS-RPW 2003 EC135T2 Henley Air
ZS-RRA 2008 aw119ke Air Mercy Service
ZS-RRB 1998 a109k2
ZS-RRC 222
ZS-RRC 2002 as350b2 Air Mercy Service
ZS-RRE 2003 police Suid-Afrikaans Polisie
ZS-RRI ka-32t Titan Helicopter Group
ZS-RRJ 2007 407 Henley Air
ZS-RRJ 2002 EC120B
ZS-RRN 2008 aw119ke Air Mercy Service
ZS-RRW raven Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RRX 1978 sa330j
ZS-RRX 2003 s-76c
ZS-RRY sa330j Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RRY 2003 s-76c
ZS-RSH 2007 s-92a Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RSN ec635t2+ Airbus Helicopters Southern Africa
ZS-RSR 1998 EC135T1
ZS-RST 2001 EC120B Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RST 407 Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RTO 1967 sioux
ZS-RTP h215 Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RTS 1984 as332L Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RTS 1983 mi-8t Ulan
ZS-RTV beta II Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RUC mi-8mtv-1 UTair South Africa
ZS-RUH sa330g Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RUU raven II
ZS-RVE II Bushveld Game Capture
ZS-RVO 1976 sa330j Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RVR 412ep
ZS-RWC as350b2
ZS-RWG 2004 as350b3 Ultimate Heli
ZS-RWN 1985 as350b Ultimate Heli ,Eurocopter Southern Africa
ZS-RWO sa330j Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RWR ec130b4 Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RWS raven II Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RWX as350b3 Suid-Afrikaans Polisie
ZS-RWY 1995 as350b2 Netcare 911
ZS-RWY ec130b4 Air Mercy Service
ZS-RXB 1978 212 CHC South Africa
ZS-RXB 2009 206b-3
ZS-RXG 2000 as350b3 Air Mercy Service
ZS-RXI 1974 s61n.mk2
ZS-RXJ 2006 EC135P2
ZS-RXL beta II Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RXW raven II
ZS-RXX 2008 as350b2 Ultimate Heli
ZS-RYX raven II Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RYY II Bushveld Game Capture
ZS-RYZ raven II Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RZA ec130b4 Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RZL ec130b4
ZS-RZM 1995 as350b2 Starlite Helicopters
ZS-RZN as350b3 Suid-Afrikaans Polisie
ZS-RZP as350b3 Suid-Afrikaans Polisie
ZS-RZR as350b2 Capital Air
ZS-RZS as350b3 Suid-Afrikaans Polisie
ZS-RZV as350b3 Suid-Afrikaans Polisie
ZS-RZY as350b3 Eurocopter Southern Africa
ZS-SBB 1981 212
ZS-SDJ raven II
ZS-SLK uh-1d FFA Assets Pty Ltd
ZS-VDM 1997 430
ZS-VDM 2006 aw139
ZS-XBV 1984 bk117a1
ZS-XBX 1987 bk117a4
ZS-ZAM 2007 aw119 Henley Air

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