spain 10 escuadrilla

Arma Aerea de la Armada Española

eslla 010 : 10 flight
Spanish Navy

1989 to present    

10 escuadrilla Arma Aerea de la Armada Española

10 escuadrilla
The spearhead of the Spanish naval air arm, the 10th Squadron operates the SH-60B Seahawk helicopter. First 6 were procured in 1988 with a second batch in 2002. Since then. all have been modernized to the SH-60B Block I Core B standard.

On November 2012 was announced the acquisition of 2 SH-60F stored at the aircraft boneyard in Arizona for use in the transport role. The F model completed their first deployment in July 2018 when was embarked for a tour of Operation Atalanta to to the Horn of Africa against piracy

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News of 10 escuadrilla

Spain 10th Naval Squadron Reaches 50,000 Flight Hours, 11-Dec-15 : The Décima Escuadrilla (Tenth Squadron) of the Spanish Naval Aviation celebrates 50,000 flight hours with their SH-60B Seahawk.


1989/    RotaLERT


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2017/    S-70 H-60     SH-60F Oceanhawk
1989/    S-70 H-60     S-70B-1 Seahawk

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
70-481 s-70b-1 HS.23-01: 01-1001. BuNo 163038
70-482 s-70b-1 HS.23-02: 01-1002. BuNo 163039
HS.23-02: Apr98 10Eslla./01-002 embarked Reina Sofia (F-84) STANAVFORMED
HS.23-02: 11oct11 pictured at Cuatro Vientos
70-483 s-70b-1 HS.23-03: 01-1003. BuNo 163040
HS.23-03: 11oct10 pictured (pic1) at Cuatro Vientos
HS.23-03: 27aug16 pictured (pic2) on SPS Almirante Juan de Borbón (F102) during air+
HS.23-03: feb19 Dynamic Manta 2019
70-484 s-70b-1 HS.23-04: 01-1004. BuNo 163041
70-485 s-70b-1 HS.23-05: 01-1005. BuNo 163042
HS.23-05: 11oct11 pictured at Cuatro Vientos
s-70b-1 HS.23-06: 01-1006. BuNo 163043
HS.23-06: Jul15 pictured landed on Canadian HMCS Winnipeg (FFH 338) during operation+
HS.23-06: Apr 2019, 01-1006 / HS.23-06 of 10 EdA / 06 at base Rota
s-70b-1 HS.23-07: 01-1007. BuNo 165854. d/d 2003
HS.23-07: Jan15 on SPS Victoria (F82) for Operation Atalanta off Somalia
s-70b-1 HS.23-08: 01-1008. BuNo 165855
s-70b-1 HS.23-09: 01-1009. BuNo 165856
HS.23-09: 26apr15 pictured on flight deck of Mendez Nuñez (F-104) during visit to W+
70-2665 s-70b-1 HS.23-10: 01-1010. BuNo 165857
HS.23-10: Jan16 deployed aboard Alvaro De Bazan (F101) in the Mediterranean as part +
HS.23-10: 05feb16 eslla 010./01-1010 embarked SPS Alvaro de Bazan F-101
s-70b-1 HS.23-11: 01-1011. BuNo 165858
s-70b-1 HS.23-12: 01-1012. BuNo 165859
70-1688 sh-60f HT.23-13: Armada Española Jun14 as 10013; 2017 01-1014
United States Naval Aviation 164451: US Navy; Apr09 HS-3 /AJ-611 aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71)
United States Naval Aviation 164451: 17jul09 stricken from the US Navy List
70-1691 sh-60f HT.23-14: Armada Española Jun14 as 10014; 2018 01-1015
HT.23-14: 20jul18 pictured in front of an SH-60B aboard Castilla (L52) in her first +
United States Naval Aviation 164454: US Navy; 2009 HS-3 /AJ-610 aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71)
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