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Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak US Coast Guard

Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak
NAS Kodiak was a US Navy air station until 1971 when was turn over to the Alaska State. Since 1947 the Coast Guard operated an air detachment but was only in 1972 when CGAS Kodiak was officially established.

CGAS Kodiac temporarily deployed two MH-60 Jayhawk to St. Paul, Alaska, to safeguard the crab fleet and other fishing vessels engaged in winter fisheries in Southwestern Alaska.

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News about this Rotary Wing Unit :

Coast Guard Alaska Train on Thin Ice, 18-Mar-16 : USCG Kodiak, Sector Anchorage and the National Ice Rescue School in Essexville, Michigan perform ice rescues from MH-60 Jayhawk and MH-65 Dolphin on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska

Era Taking Part in Alaska USCG SAREX 2015, 20-Jul-15 : Era announced their AW139 participation in the U.S. Coast Guard s Arctic Technology Evaluation 2015 Search and Rescue Exercise (SAREX 2015) on Alaska s North Slope.

Coast Guard Jayhawk Descends on Alaska School, 04-Feb-15 : Part of “Fly ‘em High: Helicopters’ Role in Alaska” campaign, students at Academy Charter School in Palmer Alaska were visited by Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak Sikorsky MH-60T Jayhawk helicopter

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? to ?HH-52A Sea Guard
? to ?HH-3F Pelican
? to ?HH-65 Dolphin
? to ?s-70 H-60

Construction Numbers for Kodiak Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
62-112 hh-52a 1424 : 1967 CGAS Kodiak, Alaska, Norm Taylor
62-115 hh-52a 1967 1427 : 19jun67 entered service at CGAS Houston; 10apr70 to CGAS Kodiak
61-586 hh-3f 1968 1430 : This was the first HH3F delivered to the USCG by Sikorsky. It was depected+
- 1430 : 17may15 pictured (bot) wreckage at an Airsoft field in Baldwin, WI. They j+
61-597 hh-3f 1968 1432 : The pilot, James Stiles was a friend of mine at CGAS Kodiak. He and I went+
61-633 hh-3f 1969 1471 : 07aug81 crashed into water in Gulf of Alaska while performing a hoist to a+
61-635 hh-3f 1969 1473 : w/o 02nov86 struck a high cliff and fell to the beach below on Ugak Islan+
61-673 hh-3f 1496 : USCG; CGAS Kodiak
70-651 hh-60j 6003 : conv MH-60T type ; Sep14 at CGAS Kodiak
70-654 hh-60j 6004 : 18mar16 asg CGAS Kodiak training with Michigans National Ice Rescue School+
70-655 hh-60j 6005 : Aug14 at CGAS Kodiak
: 29jan15 asg CGAS Kodiak visited Palmer school
: 03jan18 asg CGAS Kodiak pictured (pic1) (pic2) in hangar 3 during wash
70-661 hh-60j 6006 : conv MH-60T type; Aug14 at CGAS Kodiak
hh-60j 6011 : conv MH-60T type; Aug14 at CGAS Kodiak
70-1581 hh-60j 6013 : Sikorsky S-70B-5, cn 70-1581, ff?; ordered by USN as HH-60J 163813; del US+
70-1588 hh-60j 6015 : conv to MH-60T; 2010 CGAS Kodiak
70-1702 hh-60j 6020 : Sikorsky S-70B-5, cn 70-1702, ff?; ordered by USN as HH-60J 163820; del US+
70-1786 hh-60j 6027 : Sikorsky S-70B-5, cn 70-1786, ff?; ordered by USN as HH-60J 163827; del US+
70-1956 hh-60j 6035 : Sikorsky S-70B-5 USCG HH-60J 163835; CGAS Kodiak
70-1959 hh-60j 6038 : 27jun15 MH-60T type asg CGAS Kodiak pictured at Deadhorse Aviation Center +
70-2282 hh-60j 6041 : 1997 CGAS Kodiak; 2003 CGAS Miami
6056 hh-65 6507 : 18mar16 asg CGAS Kodiak training with Michigans National Ice Rescue School+
6105 hh-65 6510 : 2003 type:HH-65A CGAS Kodiak
6044 hh-65 6526 : as HH-65A in; CGAS Kodiak; CGAS San Francisco; CGAS Los Angeles
6183 hh-65 6534 : Jun14 MH-65D type at CGAS Kodiak
6197 hh-65 6544 : Sep14 at CGAS Kodiak
: 09sep14 pictured (pic2) in Barrow s hangar with MH-60T 6006. A/c were forw+
6221 hh-65 6547 : 2008 HH-65C type at CGAS Kodiak; May11 HH-65C type at HITRON
6257 hh-65 6566 : 2008 type:HH-65C CGAS Kodiak
hh-65 6599 : Jul12 MH-60D type at CGAS Kodiak; Mar14 still
6796 as365n3 6605 : Jul14 CGAS Kodiak
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