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Malaysian Helicopter Sevices Aviation Berhad

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Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
61-768 s61n.mk2 1977 9M-AVP: MHS, noted 2003
Bristow G-BEKJ: Bristow Apr/Jun 1977 for Malaysia
61-735 s61n.mk2 1974 9M-AVT: MHS, noted 2005
Bristow G-BCLA: Bristow Nov74-Oct86
Bristow Malaysia 9M-ELF: Bristow Malaysia from Nov86
Aero Peace HL9297: Aero Peace, South Korea by 2017
Bristow G-BCLA: noted at Aberdeen EGPD 22aug78
76-0057 s-76a 1980 9M-AXW: MHS, to PT-YOM
Bristow G-BHRT: Bristow Apr/Aug 1980, test serial N1546P
Bristow Malaysia 9M-AXW: Bristow Malaysia
- PT-YOM: Ar Air Taxi Aereo Brazil from May96, lsd from MHS
Emar Taxi Aereo PP-MAH: Emar Taxi Aereo from Jul13
76-0052 s-76a 1980 9M-AYD: MHS Aviation, 1996 to Brazil
Bristow G-BJVW: Bristow Jan/Dec 1982, to Malaysia
- N104BH: to G-BJVW
- PT-YDM: Ar Air Taxi Aereo Brazil from May96, rtn to Malaysia
- 9M-BDG: Malaysia, to Australia
- VH-XHZ: Australia, to Canada
Helijet International C-GHJT: Helijet International from Jan03; w/o 13aug12 land on water off Langara Island, BC
2632 as332l2 9M-SPA: MHS Aviation; w/o 05nov05 ditched in the South China Sea during thundersto+
2636 as332l2 9M-SPB: MHS Aviation; test serial F-WWOO
2639 as332l2 9M-SPC: MHS Aviation
2655 as332l2 9M-SPD: MHS Aviation
2852 ec225lp 9M-SPG: MSH, test serial F-WTAO, 9M-SPG
2870 ec225lp 9M-SPH: MHS, test serial F-WWON
2868 ec225lp 9M-SPI: MHS, test serial F-WWOT, F-WTAO
76-0645 s-76c 2006 9M-SPT: MHS Aviation
Air Logistics N878AL: S-76C++ type; Air Logistics Dec06-Apr07
Bristow G-CEKR: Bristow Apr/Aug 2007
Caledonian Helicopters G-CEKR: Caledonian Helicopters August 08/09 2007
76-0664 s-76c 2007 9M-SPW: MHS Aviation from May08
Air Logistics N4508N: S-76C++ type; Air Logistics May07-Jan08
Bristow G-KAZD: Bristow Jan/Apr 2008
Caledonian Helicopters G-KAZD: Caledonian Helicopters April 01/03 2008
Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BSC: Bristow Nigeria as of Sep15
61-716 s61n.mk2 1974 9M-SSK: MHS Aviation Oct88-Aug92
Air Greenland OY-HBE: Gronlandsfly 1974-1980
British Caledonian Helicopter G-BIHH: BCH Nov80-Sep88
Bristow G-BIHH: Bristow Sep92-Sep93
Court Helicopters ZS-RDV: Court 1993-1999
CHC South Africa ZS-RDV: CHC South Africa from 1999, to Canada as unk
EP Aviation N408HH: EP Aviation from Jun10
EP Aviation N408HH: 2012-pre Afghanistan
61-719 s61n.mk2 1974 9M-SSR: MHS, noted 2004
- N61NW: US Leaseco at Wilmington, DE Dec06-Sep11
- LN-OSK: Norway, test serial N53046
- OB-1994-P: Peru 2012-2013, rtn to N61NW
- N61NW: US Leaseco again from Jun14; 12jul14 pictured at Manta, Ecuador
61-474 s61n.mk2 1970 9M-SSS: MHS, noted 2003
- LN-OQL: Helikoptertransport Norway, noted 1971
EP Aviation N61NH: EP Aviation from Apr10
76-0398 s-76c 1991 9M-STE: MHS Aviation
9M-STE: w/o 12dec13 ditched in sea due bad weather off Bintulu coast, Malaysia on +
76-0400 s-76c 9M-STF: MHS Aviation
76-0385 s-76c 9M-STG: MHS Aviation
2790 ec225lp 2011 9M-STH: MHS from Aug11, ex G-CGUB
Caledonian Helicopters G-CGUB: Caledonian Helicopters Jun/Aug 2011
2792 ec225lp 2011 9M-STI: MHS Aug11-Nov13
Caledonian Helicopters G-CGUC: Caledonian Helicopters Jun/Aug 2011
Bristow Australia VH-ZFK: Bristow Australia from Dec13
Bristow Australia VH-ZFK: In storage at Karratha, Australia by Jan18
2785 ec225lp 2011 9M-STJ: MHS Aug11-Jun13
Caledonian Helicopters G-CGUA: Caledonian Helicopters Jul/Aug 2011
Bristow G-CGUA: Bristow Jul13-Nov14; May14 seen at Aberdeen, Scotland
Bristow Australia VH-ZFS: Bristow Australia from Dec14
2709 ec225lp 2008 9M-STQ: MHS, rtn VH-ZFC
Bristow G-ZZSP: Bristow 04/22 Dec 2008, for Australia
Bristow Australia VH-ZFC: Bristow Australia 2009, to 9M-STQ
Bristow Australia VH-ZFC: Bristow Australia Dec11, to UK
Bristow G-ZZSP: Bristow Jul12-Feb13; 20oct12 pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland;
Bristow Australia VH-ZFC: Bristow Australia from Mar13
2366 as332l2 9M-STR: MHS Aviation 2006
Vietnam Helicopter Company VN-8609: VN-8609; to LN-OHH
Helikopter Service LN-OHH: Helikopter Service; to 9M-STR
2387 as332l1 9M-STS: MHS Aviation
2405 as332l1 9M-STT: MHS Aviation/Petronas; w/o 30jan07 on route to an oil platform ditched and+
9M-STT: w/o 16aug05 in Sarawak Waters. 13 Crew, no fatalities; incident on 20Jan0+
2407 as332l1 1994 9M-STU: MHS Aviation, to VH-LHH, rtn to Maylasia and again to VH-LHH
Lloyd Helicopters VH-LHH: Lloyd Helicopters from 1998
CHC Helicopters Australia VH-LHH: CHC Australia Aug07-2016
Heli Austria GmbH OE-XSP: Heli Austria from May16
Heli Austria GmbH OE-XSP: 02sep16 pictured at Zeltweg
2408 as332l1 9M-STV: MHS Aviation Berhad from 1994; 2017 still
2312 as332l1 1990 9M-STW: MHS Aviation 2003-2008
Helikopter Service LN-OBQ: CHC Helikopter Service 1994-2003
Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-FWPE: CHC Feb09-Jan10
Lloyd Helicopters VH-LOJ: Lloyd Helicopters from Aug13
CHC Helicopters Australia VH-LOJ: CHC Australia Feb10-Aug13
braathens LN-OBQ: Braathens 1990-1993, test serial F-WTNV
2695 ec225lp 2008 9M-STX: Malaysian Helicopter Sevices d/d 08jan11 Kerteh Airport, Malaysia; First +
Bristow G-ZZSO: Bristow Jun/Aug 2008
Bristow Australia VH-ZFB: Bristow Australia from Aug08-Dec10
Bristow Australia VH-ZFB: Bristow Australia from Aug11
30 C/N found in this Organisation.

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