usa 121st Medical Company

US Army Aviation

121 MedCo :
Part of District of Columbia National Guard

?? to 2013    

121st MedCo. part of District of Columbia Army National Guard DC-NG.
From July 2010 to June 2011 in Germany for MEDEVAC operations. Flying from Hohenfels.
In 2013 redesignated to D/1-224th AVN

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2011/13Fort Belvoir / Davison AAFKDAA
2010/11DE HohenfelsETIH

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2009/13UH-72A Lakota

Construction Numbers for 121st MedCo Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
9208 uh-72a 08-72052 : US Army ; May09 121st MedCo. home base
: 2011 121st MedCo.
: LUH053,N544AE; 121st MedCo may09 may12 DC ARNG, unit reflagg+
Eurocopter USA N544AE : American Eurocopter toward 08-72052
9213 uh-72a 08-72053 : US Army; May09 121st MedCo. home base
: LUH055,N574AE;121st MedCo 05mar09 jun11 DC ARNG, unit reflag+
9214 uh-72a 08-72054 : US Army, test serial N548AE; May09 121st MedCo
9216 uh-72a 08-72055 : LUH057,N580AE;121st MedCo 05mar09 dec11 DC ARNG, unit reflag+
9219 uh-72a 08-72056 : US Army; May09 121st MedCo. home base
: LUH058;121st MedCo sep10 may11 DC ARNG, unit reflagged to D(+
9206 uh-72a 08-72057 : LUH057,N546AE;121st MedCo may09 aug12 DC ARNG, unit reflagge+
11300 uh-1h 69-15012 : US Army; May09 type:UH-1V 121st MedCo. home base
11537 uh-1h 69-15249 : US Army; May09 type:UH-1V 121st MedCo. home base
13366 uh-1h 73-21678 : US Army; May09 121st MedCo. home base
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