germany Christoph Niedersachsen (HSD)

HSD Luftrettung

1995 to present    

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1995/    Hannover LangenhagenEDDV


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2010/    EC145
1996/10MD900 Explorer

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
9063 ec145 2004 D-HDER: HSD Feb/May 2012
McAlpine Helicopters G-CDGM: McAlpine Dec04-Feb06, test serial D-HMBB; Sep05 on display as Police demonstrator at Helitech 2005
German air rescue D-HDER: DRF from May06
HDM Flugservice D-HDER: HDM 2013-2014
German air rescue D-HDER: DRF from Apr15
9055 ec145 2004 D-HDPP: HSD; Oct11 Christoph Niedersachsen
Croatian civil SAR service 9A-HKA: HIKO Croatian air rescue 2005-2009
German air rescue D-HDPP: DRF from May09
Croatian civil SAR service 9A-HKA: 16-20may06 Berlin air show
9038 ec145 2003 D-HDRR: HSD (DRF) 2012
HDM Flugservice D-HDRR: HDM Flugservice 2009
German air rescue D-HDRR: DRF Luftrettung 2003
HDM Flugservice D-HDRR: Jan11 Christoph Munchen
HDM Flugservice D-HDRR: HDM; Sep07 Christoph Munchen
47085 222 D-HHSD: Hubschrauber Sonder Dienst, Germany; ambulance; w/o 06jun92 crashed into +
Bell Helicopter N3176S: Bell Helicopters;1980s used in filming AIRWOLF TV show
47064 222 D-HHSE: HSD; w/o 08dec95 crashed near Ahrensdorf. 3 fatalites
- N38TH: Sony Aviation Inc at Teterboro, NJ Jan/Apr 1991
47139 222B 1983 D-HHSM: Hubschrauber-Sonder-Dienst 1987-Jun08
D-HHSM: 13oct95 HSD visit Antwerp
- N878TX: Bell 222B cn47139, ff:?; del US as N878TX, unk
- N91GC: xfer US as N91GC, unk
- N2XK: Premier Rotors Llc from 2008
900/00029 md900 1996 D-HITH: HSD from 2004
D-HITH: w/o 11mar05 crashed during take off due heavy side wind at Hannover
MD Helicopters N9125N: MD Helicopters
ADAC Air Rescue D-HITH: ADAC 1998-2004
900/00036 md900 1996 D-HMDX: HSD 2004-2011
MD Helicopters N9198Y: MD Helicopters, to D-HMDX
ADAC Air Rescue D-HMDX: ADAC 1997-2004
air lloyd german helicopter flight service D-HMDX: Air Lloyd from 2011
47142 222B 1983 D-HNIC: Hubschrauber Sonder Dienst 1987-jun08
- N31904: Bell 222B cn47142, ff:?; del US as N31904, unk
- N811CE: xfer US as N811CE, unk
- N4VE: Premier Rotors from 2008
900/00026 md900 1995 D-HSDD: HSD 1996-2010
MD Helicopters N9094T: MD Helicopters, to D-HSDD
Hispánica de Aviación SA EC-LHT: Heliseco Spain 2011; Hispánica de Aviación
Foresbal SP-EHT: Foresbal SA Uruguay 2015
- -: Apr16 in Poland
- -: Apr/Sep 2016, sold McDonnell Douglas 900 1996; Well Equipped Helicopter with HEMS and VIP interior ...
47153 222B 1985 D-HTIM: Hubschrauber Sonder Dienst 1987-jun08
- JA9668: Bell 222B cn47153, ff:?; del Japan as JA9668, unk
- N9ZS: Premier Rotors from 2008
47052 222 D-HVUM: HSD Jun92-?
- N3899G: USA 1980
- N34WH: CMI Trading Inc at Wilmington, DE Feb02-Jul03; N222HK ntu
- XA-JKM: Mexico reserial XB-LHO
Mexico Government XB-LHO: State of Tamulipas, Mexico ~2001; Governors VIP transport
12 C/N found in this Organisation.

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