belgium NHV (Norwich)


Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen

2008 to present    

Norwich base established August 8, 2008 with Dauphin OO-NHX beng the first based aircraft

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News of NHV (Norwich)

NHV Takes Delivery of its Fourth AW139, 01-Sep-15 : NHV announced that it has taken delivery of their fourth AW139 intermediate twin helicopter. The newest aircraft will be based in Norwich performing offshore transport missions in the North Sea.


2008/    UK Norwich / Horsham St. FaithEGSH


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2015/    AW139
2008/15as365 dauphin 2

List of aircraft

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List of Aircraft for Norwich
C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
6841 as365n3 2009 CS-HHR : 07may13 pictured (bot) at Norwich, UK
Heliportugal F-OJTU : Heliportugal Feb09-Dec10
Heliportugal CS-HHR : Heliportugal from Jan11, ex F-OJTU; Aug11 to NHV
6843 as365n3 OO-NHE : 14jun09 pictured at Norwich, UK
6842 ec155b1 2009 OO-NHJ : 09oct11 pictured (pic1) at SaxonAir ramp at Norwich, UK
: Feb13 based at Norwich, UK
: 24jan17 pictured (pic2) at Norwich, UK out of the Saxon Air hanger for th+
6706 as365n3 2005 OO-NHX : Aug08 based at Norwich, UK
: 03aug08 pictured at Norwich, UK
DanCopter OY-HMO : DanCopter 2005-2007, test serial F-WWOA; Faroe isles, "Spirit of Faroes"; +
6681 ec155b1 OO-NSH : NHV; 09Sep13 in full NHV colours at Norwich, UK
Eurocopter France F-WWOU : Eurocopter, to 4K-AZ44
Azerbaijan Airlines 4K-AZ44 : AZAL, to D-HAZA
- D-HAZA : Germany unknown; Mar11 at Kassel Calden
31700 aw139 2015 OO-NSN : NHV from Aug15, first Belgian AW139. She will be stationed at Norwich, UK;+
: 26aug15 based at Norwich Airport, UK
: 21oct15 pictured (pic2) at Norwich, UK
: 22mar16 pictured (pic3) at Norwich

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