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List of Aircraft for Bank Of Utah
C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
1127 ec135p2+ 2013 N135AE : Bank of Utah Trustee from Feb14
Eurocopter USA N135AE : American Eurocopter Dec13, test serial D-HECB
31063 aw139 2006 N139CH : Bank of Utah Trustee from Oct07
3737 as350b3 N146AE : Bank of Utah Trustee from Jun13
Eurocopter USA N146AE : American Eurocopter 2003
- N146AE : Wells Fargo Bank from Jul06
- - : Oct14-Feb15, sold Eurocopter AS350B-3 2003. Litter Kit, Pop Out Floatatio+
- N146AE : w/o 02sep15 total lost during emergency landing at Santo Domingo, Dominica+
0942 ec135p2+ 2011 N149AE : Bank of Utah Trustee May11, test serial D-HECA
korean air HL9496 : Korean Air Lines from Aug11
0946 ec135p2+ 2011 N154AE : Bank of Utah Trustee May11
korean air HL9497 : Korean Air Lines from Sep11
1125 ec135p2+ 2013 N162AE : Bank of Utah Trustee Feb14-Jan15
Eurocopter USA N162AE : American Eurocopter Dec13, test serial D-HECH
Air Methods N162AE : Air Methods from Jan15
0162 EC135P1 2000 N162MW : Bank of Utah Trustee from Mar16
Eurocopter USA N427AE : American Eurocopter, to N101HN
State of West Virginia N101HN : HealthNet Inc Feb01-Jul15
State of Nebraska N162MW : Midwest MedAir from 2016; Feb16 picture at Atlantic, Iowa
52344 206l-4 2006 N193AL : Bank of Utah Trustee from Feb14
Bell Helicopter N193AL : Bell Helicopter Dec06, test serial C-GLZE
Air Logistics N193AL : Air Logistics Mar07--Jan10
Bristow US Llc N193AL : Bristow US Feb10-Jan14
HNZ Group N193AL : Heliwelders Canada Ltd, an HNZ Company at Langley, BC by Jan16
14786 aw119kx 2012 N194NT : Bank of Utah Trustee at Salt Lake City, UT from Oct15
AgustaWestland USA N490SM : AgustaWestland, PA Jan12
AgustaWestland USA N194NT : AgustaWestland, PA Jul12-Oct15
: 26oct17 TH-119 type demonstrator pictured at NAS Whiting Field navy school+
28063 214B 1981 N214BH : Bank of Utah Trustee Sep09-Jul11
united arab emirates air force 122 : UAEAF 1981-200?, ex DU-102 (Red Crescent)
McDermott Aviation P2-MBH : Papua New Guinea with McDermott Aviation by Jan17
28032 214B-1 1979 N217PJ : Bank of Utah Trustee from Oct13
Okanagan Helicopters C-GBHC : Okanagan Helicopters, canc Aug83
- N4434D : USA 1984, rtn C-GBHC
Okanagan Helicopters C-GBHC : Okanagan Helicopters, canc Jul86
- N4434D : USA, to JA9446
- JA9446 : Japan, to C-GTWZ
- C-GTWZ : Transwest Helicopters at Chilliwack, BC Oct99-Sep08
PJ Helicopters N217PJ : Helibro Llc at Red Bluff, CA Oct08-Nov13
McDermott Aviation N217PJ : McDermott Aviation; 2016 still
30565 212 1973 N218GA : Bank Of Utah Jul11-May13
- N94W : Weyerhaeuser Company at Tacoma, WA 1973-Oct96
Skyline Helicopters C-GSLH : Skyline Helicopters Nov96-Jul11
: Skyline Helicopters from May13
30177 205A-1 1975 N234HL : Bank Of Utah Oct08-Apr10
Royal Oman Police A4O-AQ : ROP, to N234HL
Yellowhead Helicopters C-GYHU : Yellowhead Helicopters Ltd from May10
7036 as350b3 2010 N244CP : Bank of Utah trustee Apr14-Sep15
- N244CP : Coposa Aircorp at Dover, DE from Aug11
: Jul14 at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
: Rotor Aircorp Inc at Dover, DE from Sep15
: 24jun17 not even 30 meters over the hills in Jamao al Norte, Dominican Rep
76-0713 s-76c 2008 N2577T : S-76C++; Bank of Utah NA Trustee Jun08-May10
- VT-KNH : Hiranandani Aviation, India
30851 212 1977 N268GA : Bank Of Utah Jun11-2013
Japanese Coast Guard JA9527 : Japan Coast Guard Feb78-Sep97
- N85EA : Edwards and Associates at Bristol, TN Oct97-Jan98
Skyline Helicopters C-GSLT : Skyline Helicopters Feb98-Jun11
Skyline Helicopters C-GSLR : Skyline Helicopters Ltd at Kelowna, BC from Jan14
76-0739 s-76c 2008 N269PA : Bank of Utah Trustee May13/Apr14
- B-7322 : Keystone S-76C-2; China, test serial N20269
Sazma Aviation 9M-SBO : Sazma Aviation from 2014
52314 206l-4 2005 N279AL : Bank of Utah NA Jan14-Oct15
Air Logistics N279AL : Air Logistics Sep05-Feb10, test serial C-GAEP
Bristow US Llc N279AL : Bristow Feb10-Dec13
Amur Aviation PK-UAF : PT Amur; w/o 03jun16 at Paniai in route to KM99 mine site on the Degeuwo R+
28118 214ST 1983 N28014 : Bank of Utah Trustee, 2009
Royal Oman Police A4O-CJ : ROP
EP Aviation N28014 : EP Aviation Jun10-Jul15; canc
28065 214B-1 1981 N28065 : Bank of Utah Trustee Sep11-Aug11
Dubai Air Wing DU-104 : Dubai Air Wing, reser 124
united arab emirates air force 124 : UAE, to N28065
McDermott Aviation P2-MSA : Papua New Guinea 2011; McDermott Aviation Australia
14839 aw119kx 2015 N306LG : Bank of Utah Trustee from Jan16
AgustaWestland USA N306LG : AgustaWestland, PA Dec15
SevenBar N306LG : SevenBar
State of New Mexico N306LG : University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center (UNM HSC) from 2016, op by+
6140 sa365n 1985 N365AU : Bank Of Utah Trustee from Jul10
Bond Aviation Group G-BLUP : Bond Helicopters Jan85-Apr94
Lufttransport AS LN-OLT : Lufttransport AS 1994-2006
Canadian Ambulance Services C-FLHE : Airmedic Aviation at St-Honoré, QC Dec06-Mar10
- VH-NHI : Australia Apr/Jun 2010
6438 as365n2 N365JL : Bank of Utah Trustee from Jul10
Fire and Disaster Management Agency JA6700 : Osaka City Fire Air Corps Feb93-Jul10
6026 sa365n 1983 N365NC : Bank of Utah Trustee Dec09-Feb11
- N365S : USA, to N87SV
- N87SV : to PK-TSI
- PK-TSI : Indonesia, to N365NC
Hélicocéan F-ONCY : Helicocean from Mar11
900/00134 md902 2009 N40483 : Bank of Utah Jul/Aug 2010, Germany ntu, to G-LNCT
Specialist Aviation Services G-LNCT : SAS/Police Aviation Services Ltd Aug10-Jun17
UK Air Ambulances G-LNCT : Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance charity (LNAACT), op by Pol+
: Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance (LNAACT); 24sep13 pictured at London Helitech +
: Essex & Herts Air Ambulance (EHAAT) from Jul17, replacing G-EHAA as Helim+
Specialist Aviation Services G-EHEM : SAS from Jun17
UK Air Ambulances G-EHEM : Essex Air Ambulance; operating from Earls Colne, Essex by Feb18
54400 407gx 2013 N407MS : Bank of Utah Trustee from Mar14
Bell Helicopter N544BH : Bell Helicopter Mar13, test serial C-GFNO
- N407MS : 12aug15 at Syracuse harbor, Sicily
54306 407gx 2011 N407SC : Bank of Utah Trustee from Jun12
Bell Helicopter N410TD : Bell Helicopter Oct11, test serial C-GLZQ
Helicopter Flight Services N410TD : Gotham Helicopters Feb/May 2012; Helicopter Flight Services, New York; 11f+
54307 407gx 2011 N408GM : Bank of Utah Trustee Jan15-Mar16
Bell Helicopter N408GM : Bell Nov11. test serial C-GFNU
- N408GM : private at Homer, AK Mar12-Jan15
: Flying Silk Llc at Conroe, TX from Mar16
: Mar/Apr 2016, sold Bell 407GX 2011 Garmin 1000H Integrated Avionics System+
36543 412ep 2010 N410PD : Bank of Utah Trustee Apr11-Apr13
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GFBT : Bell Canada Mar/Jun 2010, test serial C-GLZQ
Bell Helicopter N410PD : Bell Jun10-Apr11
- PK-HNE : Gatari, Indonesia
: Feb/May 2016, sold Bell 412-EP 2010 located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; D +
36069 412hp 1994 N412SX : Bank of Utah Trustee 24-29/May 2007
Bell Helicopter N70890 : Bell 1994, test serial C-FOEP
Police of the Czech Republic B-4369 : Czech Rep Police, to N412SX
Atlantic Airways OY-HSJ : Atlantic Airways Jun07-Feb16
Agrarflug Helilift GmbH D-HAFE : Agrarflug Helilift from Feb16
52182 206l-4 1996 N413ML : Bank Of Utah Trustee Dec10-Sep11
Bell Helicopter N1188A : Bell, test serial C-GBUK
- N413ML : M And M Limited Liability Co at Las Vegas, NV
- CC-APP : Inversiones Santa Francisca, Chile; w/o 31mar15 near Copiapó. 4 fatalitie+
57023 429 2010 N429HA : Bank of Utah from Feb14
Bell Helicopter N429HA : Bell Oct10, test serial C-GFNY
- N429HA : Highland Aviation Jan/May 2011
- PP-ALT : Brazil 2011-2013; 01feb12 pictured at Aeroporto Estadual de Jundiai / Coma+
- N429HA : Dec15-Feb16, sold Bell 429 2010 - One owner since new. No damage history .+
5110 480B 2007 N480W : Bank of Utah Trustee at Salt Lake, City from Jul07
- N480W : w/o 10may17 in mountainous area near Fundres, Bolzano, Italy. 1 fatality
57090 429 2012 N482HB : Bank of Utah Trustee from Mar13
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GPOJ : Bell Canada Apr/Dec 2012, test serial C-GLZA
- N482HB : Jun/Nov 2014, sold Bell 429 2012 IFR Certified One Owner Since New, Aux Fu+
28005 214B-1 1976 N49732 : Bank Of Utah Trustee from Oct08
Royal Air Force of Oman 101 : Oman, reser 751
Royal Air Force of Oman 751 : Oman, to N49732
- N49732 : Texan Aviation Intl at Nocona, TX; 2002-2010 noted in Australia with McDer+
McDermott Aviation N49732 : McDermott Aviation by 2012; 2016 still
33180 412sp 1988 N508MF : Bank of Utah Trustee from Oct14
State of New York N412PD : NYPD, reser N414PD
State of New York N414PD : NYPD, to N60454
- N60454 : First Security Bank NA Trustee at Salt Lake City, UT Nov99-Feb00
Lider Taxi Aereo PP-MBB : Lider Taxi Aereo Feb/Jun 2013
- D-HAFW : Agrarflug Helilift GmbH Aug/Sep 2014
Phoenix Aviation Ltd ? : Phoenix Aviation Ltd; unk, ntu ?
- N508MF : Feb/Mar 2017, sold Bell 412SP 1988; in storage at Nairobi, Kenya (AFR) by+
76-0512 s-76c 2000 N50PE : Bank of Utah Trustee from Nov08
- TC-HKR : S-76C+ type; Turkey, to N50PE
- N50PE : Aircraft Services Resales Inc at Wilgmington, De Sep07-Nov08
- ? : Nigeria as 5N-? unk
- - : Feb/May 2015, sold Sikorsky S76C+ 2000 Heated Glass Windshields, Anti-Col+
14782 aw119kx 2012 N516LF : Bank of Utah Trustee from Jan14
AgustaWestland USA N311YS : AgustaWestland, PA to N516LF ( could also be N314YS ) ; Aw119Kx type; firs+
Life Flight N516LF : Life Flight Network; 22oct12 unveiled at the Air Medical Transport Confere+
: Life Flight Network d/d 05mar13 at Heli-Expo Las Vegas 2013
14800 aw119kx 2013 N526LF : Bank of Utah Trustee from Jan14
Life Flight N526LF : Life Flight Network
14801 aw119kx 2013 N536LF : Bank of Utah Trustee from Jun14 for LFN
AgustaWestland USA N320YS : AgustaWestland, PA to N536LF
Life Flight N536LF : Life Flight Network
53230 407 1997 N537AL : Bank of Utah Trustee Sep/Dec 2011
Air Logistics N537AL : Air Logistics
Heli SGI PK-ZGA : Heli SGI
54400 407gx 2013 N544BH : Bank of Utah Trustee from Aug13
Bell Helicopter N544BH : Bell Helicopter Mar13, test serial C-GFNO
- N407MS : 12aug15 at Syracuse harbor, Sicily
33066 412 1982 N550AS : Bank of Utah Trustee from Oct14
Bell Helicopter N3886W : Bell Helicopter, to JA9599
- JA9599 : Japan, to N626LH
Lloyd Helicopters US N626LH : LLoyd Helicopters US Jun/Sep 2002
Helicopters NZ Ltd ZK-HDA : Helicopters NZ; Jun11 with ZK-HNI to Canada
Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GHCB : Canadian Helicopters Oct11-Sep14
- N550AS : 15aug15 in Kenya, still on US register
Phoenix Aviation Ltd 5Y-PAH : Phoenix Aviation Ltd, Nairobi Kenya by Dec16
14791 aw119kx 2013 N576LF : Bank of Utah Trustee from Jun14 for LFN
AgustaWestland USA N576LF : AgustaWestland, PA from Jun13
Life Flight N576LF : Life Flight Network
4563 as350b3 2008 N57RP : Bank of Utah trustee Mar15-Apr16
Eurocopter USA N550H : American Eurocopter Apr08
- N57RP : AS350 Llc at Missoula, MT Jun09-Jun12
: All American Aviation at Spring, TX Jun12-Feb15
- PK-INA : PT Indo Star Aviation from May16; w/o 30oct16 at Warem in Nduga regency, P+
1096 ec135p2+ N598AE : Bank of Utah Trustee Feb/May 2013
Eurocopter USA N598AE : American Eurocopter Jan13
korean air HL9606 : Korean Air Lines from May13
61-428 S-61L 1968 N614RM : First Security Bank of Utah Trustee Mar94-Mar96
New York Airways N620PA : PanAm, op by New York Airways from 1968; 1977 still; To Canada unk
Okanagan Helicopters C-GJDR : Okanagan Helicopters, canc Oct89
Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GJDR : Canadian Helicopters Dec90-jun92
: Canadian Helicopters Mar96-Nov98
Coulson Aircrane C-GJDR : Coulson Aircrane Aug99-Jul07
- C-GJDR : Sunwest Helicopters at Qualicum Beach, BC Jul07-Jun11
Carson Helicopters N448JS : Carson Helicopters from Jun11
33204 412sp 1989 N651CA : Bank of Utah Trustee Oct14-Sep15
Sabah Air 9M-AYW : Sabah Air Malaysia, test serial N3214Y
- ZK-HNI : New Zealand, to C-GENW
Eagle Copters C-GENW : Eagle Copters, Jan/Feb 1999
Helicopters NZ Ltd ZK-HNI : Helicopters NZ; Jun11 with ZK-HDA to Canada
Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GHCY : Canadian Helicopters Ltd Nov11-Sep15
- ? : Kenya from 22sep15
Phoenix Aviation Ltd 5Y-PHO : Phoenix Aviation Ltd, Nairobi Kenya by Dec16
1054 ec135p2+ 2012 N655JT : Bank of Utah NA from Jan16
Eurocopter USA N556MT : American Eurocopter Aug12, test serial D-HECP
Med Trans Corp N655JT : JP Morgan Chase Bank NA at Columbus, OH Sep13-Oct15; Med Trans
- N655JT : Wells Fargo Bank NA Oct15-Jan16
State of Florida N655JT : UF Health Jacksonville; TraumaOne Air Ambulance South, op by Med-Trans; E+
6870 as365n3+ 2009 N6870B : Bank of Utah 28-31 Jan14
- XA-BNT : Transporte Aereo Tecnico Ejecutivo Mexico, test serial F-WMXH
- XA-GFN : Mexico Feb14
: Mar/Oct 2015, sold Dauphin AS365N-3 2011. Air Data Module, Sagem (ADM), Si+
64-079 s-64e 1968 N6979R : Bank of Utah Trustee from Mar15
ERA Helicopters N6979R : ERA Aviation
Evergreen Helicopters N6979R : Evergreen
- N6979R : Us Leaseco Inc at Wilmington, DE May10-Mar15
Erickson N6979R : 13sep17 fighting Jolly Mountain Fire near Cle Elum, WA
76-1049 s-76d 2014 N7649Y : Bank of Utah Trustee from Sep14
Sikorsky Helicopters N7649Y : Sikorsky Sep13-May14
- N7649Y : Apr/Oct 2016, sold Sikorsky S76D 2013; Factory New Aircraft Delivered New +
6594 ec155b 2001 N825B : Bank of Utah Trustee from Jun11
- PP-MHF : Varbra SA, Brasil, test serial F-WQDR
- PP-AXM : Ocean Explorer Do Brasil Ltda Dec13-Jul14
- N155BE : Helicopter Exchange Ltd at Colleyville,TX from Oct14
0632 ec135p2+ 2007 N858WA : Bank of Utah trustee from Jul15
Eurocopter Southeast Asia F-OKEJ : Eurocopter Southeast Asia 01-08Apr08, test serial D-HECR
- PK-URW : Indonesia, to PK-UAW
- PK-UAW : to N858WA
- N858WA : Wolfe Aviation at Stockton, CA; Dec16 for sale, u$s 2.995.000, 842 h TTAF
: Mar/May 2017, sold Eurocopter EC-135-P2+ 2007; Digital Auto Flight Control+
900/00116 md902 2006 N902HS : Bank of Utah Trustee Aug/Dec 2015
MD Helicopters N9007C : MD Helicopters Aug/Dec 2006
Transportes Aereos Pegaso XA-UGR : Pegaso
HeliServices B-HUT : HeliServices Hong Kong from Dec15
54486 407gx 2014 N911NE : Bank of Utah trustee from Sep14
Bell Helicopter N809MT : Bell Helicopter Apr14, test serial C-GZPU
Med Trans Corp N911NE : Med-Trans Corp for Regional West Health Services, Nebraska
State of Nebraska N911NE : Air Link at Regional West, Regional West Health Services Nov14, op by Med-+
76-0505 s-76c 2000 N932FF : Bank of Utah Trustee Sep12-2014
Petroleum Helicopters Inc N505PH : PHi, reser N776PH
Petroleum Helicopters Inc N776PH : PHi May02-2012
Lider Taxi Aereo PR-LEC : Lider Taxi Aereo from Oct14
- - : Jan16-Sep17, sold Sikorsky S76C+ 2000; Very well maintained, full OGP, off+
7844 h125 2014 N942EM : Bank of Utah trustee Mar/Oct 2015
Airbus Helicopters USA N919AE : Airbus Helicopters Mar14
- N942EM : TVPX Arc Inc Trustee at Concord, MA from Sep15
State of California N942EM : Reach Air Medical
: Jun17 as /REACH29 pictured on Denver helipad

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