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The Columbus Police Helicopter Unit was established in 1972

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News about this Rotary Wing Unit :

Columbus Police Celebrates 45 Years, 14-Oct-17 : Ohio’ Columbus Police Department (CPD) Helicopter Unit celebrating 45 years of service. From 1997 operates MD Helicopters which have accumulated 76,000 flight hours

Columbus Police Upgrades to MD530F, 27-Apr-17 : Ohio’s Columbus Police to upgrade its 2 remaining MD500E helicopters. MD Helicotpers (MDHI) E-to-F model conversion program will deliver FAA-certified MD530F model helicopters in less than 12-weeks

Columbus Police Received Converted MD530F, 14-Sep-15 : Two 2007 MD500E Columbus Police Department helicopters return to service as new, factory-built, FAA-certified MD530F models.

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1997/now369E / 500E

Construction Numbers for CPD Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
0534E md500e 1997 N551CP : Columbus Police (CPD), to N551CR
- N551PH : K & S Helicopters at Kailua Kona, HI from Jul07
0571E MD500E 2006 N551CP : Columbus Police (CPD) from Feb07
0536E md500e 1997 N552CP : Columbus Police (CPD) 1998-2005
MD Helicopters N92076 : Md Helicopters Apr97
- N2066W : J&e Pile Driving at East Syracuse, NY from Mar05
: K & S Helicopters at Kailua Kona, HI from Oct12
0560E MD500E 2001 N552CP : Columbus Police (CPD) from Nov02
MD Helicopters N7020C : MD Helicopters Jun01
0540E md500e 1998 N553CP : Columbus Police (CPD) from 1998, reser N553CR
- C-FZHS : Versatile Helicopters at Chemainus, BC Jun09-Mar12
- C-FHHV : Hunter Helicopters at Langley, BC Mar/Oct 2012
: Kecoa Helicopters at Port Alberni, BC from Oct12
0581E MD500E 2008 N553CP : Columbus Police (CPD) from Jan09
MD Helicopters N90806 : MD Helicopters from Jun08
0575E MD500E 2007 N554CP : Columbus Police (CPD) from May08
MD Helicopters N9020Q : MD Helicopters
0567E MD500E 2004 N556CP : Columbus Police (CPD), to N556CR
- N556CR : Infinity Transport Consultancy at Henderson, NV from Apr10
0595E MD500E 2009 N556CP : Columbus Police (CPD) from Sep09
MD Helicopters N40777 : Md Helicopters Feb09
0548E MD500E 2000 N557CP : Columbus Police (CPD) from May00
MD Helicopters N70402 : MD Helicopters
- N599WW : Abraham Equine Inc at Canadian, TX from Apr10
0606E MD500E 2011 N557CP : Columbus Police (CPD) from Mar12
MD Helicopters N4289Y : MD Helicopters from Mar10
40863 oh-58a N557CP : Columbus Police (CPD) from Mar95; w/o unk; canc May00 as destroyed
US Army Aviation 70-15312 : US Army
0548E MD500E 2000 N557CR : Columbus Police (CPD) reser
MD Helicopters N70402 : MD Helicopters
- N599WW : Abraham Equine Inc at Canadian, TX from Apr10
0573E MD500E 2007 N558CP : Columbus Police (CPD) from Mar08
: Sep15 conv to MD530F for CPD
MD Helicopters N9093P : MD Helicopters Sep07
40934 oh-58a N558CP : Columbus Police (CPD) Apr95; w/o unk; canc Jan00 as destroyed
US Army Aviation 70-15383 : US Army
41323 oh-58a N559CP : Columbus Police (CPD) 1995-2005
US Army Aviation 71-20462 : US Army
- N559CR : T & M Aviation at Youngsville, LA from Mar05
16 serials found for CPD

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