italy Missione Italiana di Collaborazione nel Campo della Difesa

Aeronautica Militare Italiana

MICCD : Italian Mission for Collaboration in the Field of Defence
Italian Air Force

2011 to present    

Missione Italiana di Collaborazione nel Campo della Difesa Aeronautica Militare Italiana

Superceded the MIATM on 1 Dec 2011. Provides specialist and project based cooperation with Armed Forces of Malta.

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
5572 ab212 MM81072: AWTI-01 670 Squadriglia Collegamenti. w/o 8sep87 near Orroli Nuoro
5575 ab212 MM81073: 670 Squadriglia Collegamenti
5576 ab212 MM81074: 670 Squadriglia Collegamenti
5801 ab212 MM81144: AMI
5802 ab212ico MM81145: AMI 51-72
MM81145: Esercitazione Grifone 2013
5803 ab212 MM81146: AMI 51-70; 1995 651 SC
MM81146: AMI. crash 26apr05 mountain Palanzone (Sormano)
5804 ab212ico MM81147: AMI
5805 ab212ico MM81148: AMI; 1994 651 SC./51-70
MM81148: 20sep09 pictured at Kleine Brogel, Belgium
5806 ab212ico MM81149: AMI
5807 ab212 MM81150: AMI; 1994 651 SC.
5808 ab212ico MM81151: AMI
MM81151: May90 as 51-82 651^ squadriglia at Istrana
5809 ab212ico MM81152: AMI
5810 ab212ico MM81153: AMI
5811 ab212ico MM81154: AMI
5812 ab212ico MM81155: AMI
5813 ab212ico MM81156: AMI 9-14
5814 ab212ico MM81157: AMI in 1994 653 SC.
5815 ab212ico MM81158: AMI
MM81158: 1995 as 651 SC /51-72
MM81158: 04sep15 pictured (pic1) as /9-58 at Rivolto Airbase during 55th anniversar+
MM81158: 04sep15 pictured (pic2) at Udine city, Italy 55th Anniversary Frecce Trico+
5816 ab212ico MM81159: AMI; 2007 651 SC
5817 ab212ico MM81160: AMI 9-60
MM81160: 21may16 asg 21 Gruppo pictured at Zaragoza during NATO Tiger Meet 2016
5818 ab212ico MM81161: AMI 9-61
MM81161: 21may16 asg 21 Gruppo pictured at Zaragoza during NATO Tiger Meet 2016
5819 ab212ico MM81162: AMI
MM81162: 24+25jul99 81 CAE. Fairford air show
5820 ab212ico MM81163: AMI
5821 ab212 MM81164: AMI 51-70
5822 ab212 MM81207: AMI; 1994 603 SC./3-07
5823 ab212 MM81208: AMI
5824 ab212 MM81209: AMI. crash 18jun01 40nm east Augusta
5825 ab212ico MM81210: AMI 4-65
5826 ab212 MM81211: AMI 4-66
5827 ab212 MM81212: AMI 9-18
MM81212: AMI; 1994 603 SC./3-12
5828 ab212ico MM81213: AMI 9-19
5829 ab212ico MM81214: AMI
5830 ab212ico MM81215: AMI 4-61
5831 ab212ico MM81216: AMI; 1994 651 SC./51-73
5832 ab212ico MM81217: AMI
MM81217: 12sep10 pictured (pic1) at Rivolto Airport, Udine for 50° Anniversary Pat+
MM81217: 16may11 pictured (pic2) at Cambrai, France with ISAF marks at NATO Tiger+
5836 ab212ico MM81375: AMI 4-67; ab212ico type; June 2008 pictured with 9 Stormo / 21 Gruppo in t+
36 C/N found in this Organisation.

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