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1988/89S-70A-9 Black Hawk
1962/81UH-1B Iroquois

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
5085 uh-1d A2-085: RAAF d/d 1966 as A2-041; BuNo 65-10041; 9 Sqd in Vietnam; 1982/1986 Sinai;+
A2-085: preserved at Enoggera Army (Gallipoli) Barracks, Brisbane, QLD
1018 UH-1B A2-1018: RAAF d/d 1964; BuNo 63-13586; w/o 18oct66 Nui Dat Vietnam
1019 UH-1B A2-1019: Preserved at Australian War Memorial, Canberra by 2008
1020 UH-1B A2-1020: RAAF d/d 1964; BuNo 63-13588; preserved RAAF Museum Point Cook
A2-1020: Restored to Vietnam service markings (with boom from A2-389) and displayed+
1021 UH-1B A2-1021: RAAF d/d 1964; BuNo 63-13589; to civ as N888SJ; w/o 06oct97 at Herron Cali+
1022 UH-1B 1964 A2-1022: RAAF d/d 1964; BuNo 63-13590; preserved Nyngan
A2-1022: crashed Western Australia, 29 May 1984; used as G.I. Airframe by Jan 1995
A2-1022: Preserved Nyngan and District Museum by 2008
A2-1022: Feb.2012 on display at Caloundra RSL club, Queensland
US Air Force 63-13590: Allocated USAF 63-13590.
1023 UH-1B A2-1023: RAAF d/d 1964; BuNo 63-13591; w/o 19aug81 Williamtown NSW due tail rotor f+
1024 UH-1B A2-1024: RAAF d/d 1965; BuNo 63-13592; 06jun67 crash in Vietnam; repaired
1025 UH-1B A2-1025: RAAF d/d 1965; to civ as N999SJ
11110 uh-1h A2-110: RAAF d/d 1969; BuNo 68-16451; 9 Sqd in Vietnam; to Army 1st Aviation Regim+
A2-110: Feb13 on display at the National Vietnam Veterans Museum on Phillip Island+
10149 uh-1h A2-149: RAAF d/d 1969; BuNo 68-15219; 9 Sqd in Vietnam; to Army 1st Aviation Regim+
13278 uh-1h A2-278: RAAF d/d 1973; BuNo 72-21579; to Army 1st Aviation Regiment
A2-278: Sep14 pictured preserved on display at Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park, Sey+
13279 uh-1h A2-279: RAAF d/d 1973; BuNo 72-21580; to Army 1st Aviation Regiment
9379 uh-1h A2-377: 9 Sq in Vietnam by Mar 1968; served in Middle East 1982-1986; transferred +
US Air Force 67-17179: USAF 67-17179 to Australia (Feb ?) 1968
Australian Army A2-377: Army from Jan 1990; wfu Jun 2007
Australian Army A2-377: Displayed at RAAF Museum fom 2007
9380 uh-1h 1967 A2-380: RAAF
9381 uh-1h 1967 A2-381: RAAF
9382 uh-1h 1967 A2-382: RAAF
A2-382: crashed Jun 1970 in South Vietnam
A2-382: Preserved at the Garbutt Annex of the RAAF Townsville Museum by Mar 2008
US Army Aviation 67-17184: US Army; To Australia (Feb ?) 1968.
9383 uh-1h 1967 A2-383: RAAF
384 UH-1B 1962 A2-384: RAAF d/d 1962; BuNo 62-4606; preserved RAAF Museum Point Cook
A2-384: 9 Sq by Nov 1962; 5 Sq by May 1966; wfu mid 1985
US Air Force 62-4606: USAF 62-4606, to Australia
385 UH-1B 1962 A2-385: RAAF
386 UH-1B 1962 A2-386: RAAF
387 UH-1B 1962 A2-387: RAAF
388 UH-1B 1962 A2-388: RAAF
389 UH-1B 1962 A2-389: RAAF
390 UH-1B 1962 A2-390: RAAF toward N345SJ
- N345SJ: ex A2-390
391 UH-1B 1962 A2-391: RAAF toward N444SJ
- N444SJ: ex A2-391
11703 uh-1h A2-703: BuNo 68-15415. to Royal Australian Army, 171sq/1st AVN
9767 uh-1h A2-767: RAAF 9 Sq. Shot down Long Hai mountains, South Vietnam 17 Apr 1971
US Army Aviation 67-17569: US Army;To Australia
70-1067 s-70a-9 A25-101: RAAF d/d 31dec87; 1989 to A Sqd 5 Av Reg
Australian Army A25-101: Pegasus 0854. f/f 11sep87. built in USA. to RAAF 9 squadron 31dic87
Australian Army A25-101: Is actually the only Aussie S70A-9 that has a UH-60 airframe, the remainder were built in Australia ...
Australian Army A25-101: 2006 171Sqn.
Australian Army A25-101: Mar15 airlifted by RAAF C-17 to Vanuatu for Operation Pacific Assist 2015
70-1089 s-70a-9 A25-102: RAAF d/d 11may88; 1989 to A Sqd 5 Av Reg
Australian Army A25-102: Arion 0876. f/f 10apr88
70-1107 s-70a-9 A25-103: RAAF d/d 05oct88; 1989 to A Sqd 5 Av Reg
Australian Army A25-103: Armageddon 0894. f/f 20sep88
70-1115 s-70a-9 A25-104: RAAF d/d 30jul88; 1989 to A Sqd 5 Av Reg
Australian Army A25-104: Rampage 0902. f/f 13jul88
Australian Army A25-104: took part in Bundaberg flood relief operations on 28 Jan 2013 with 5 Av Rgt as Warhorse 104.
70-1123 s-70a-9 A25-105: RAAF d/d 31aug88; 1989 to A Sqd 5 Av Reg
A25-105: Sep88 pictured (top) at RAAF Townsville
Australian Army A25-105: Army Dauntless 0910; 30aug06 pictured (bot) with B sqd 5 Av Rgt on hospital ship USNS Mercy (T-AH 19...
70-1127 s-70a-9 A25-106: RAAF d/d 18nov88; 1989 to A Sqd 5 Av Reg
Australian Army A25-106: Lancer 0914
70-1135 s-70a-9 A25-107: RAAF d/d 19dec88; 1989 to A Sqd 5 Av Reg
Australian Army A25-107: Formidable 0921. f/f 6dic88
70-1140 s-70a-9 A25-108: RAAF d/d 27jan89; 1989 to A Sqd 5 Av Reg
Australian Army A25-108: Vigilance 926. f/f 13jan89
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jan-82dec-85EG Multinational Force and Observers

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