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    Oceania Aviation Ltd

    1999 to present    


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    1999/    ArdmoreNZAR


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    Aerospatiale AS332L Super Puma
    Bell 212
    Bell 412HP
    Bell 412SP
    Eurocopter AS365N2 Dauphin 2
    Eurocopter EC120B
    Kawasaki Heavy Industries BK117B-1
    MBB Bo105CBS-4
    McDonnell Douglas MD520N
    McDonnell Douglas MD600N

    Oceania Aviation List of helicopters

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    2162 as332L : Oceania Aviation at Ardmore from Apr18
    Japanese Army 00001 : JGSDF, test serial JA9629; wfu
    6422 as365n2 1991 - : Oceania Aviation for sale by Feb19 price $649,000 pictured (pic1) (pic2) +
    - F-GHYE : France, test serial F-WYMA
    - G-BTXY : Samaero Company Private Ltd Nov91-Feb92
    - 9M-SAS : Malaysia, to 9M-ASP
    - 9M-ASP : to 9M-VIP
    : pictured (pic4) Finals to land
    - 9M-VIP : to VH-LRC
    Australia Air Ambulances VH-LRC : Northern Region SLSA Helicopter Rescue from Jun07
    : Westpac Life Saver Lifesaver 4, Lismore
    The Helicopter Group Aust VH-LRC : APG Equipment Pty Ltd from jun17, op by Choppair Helicopters Pty Ltd from +
    : still APG / Choppair Helicopters by Mar20
    Indonesian Aerospace PK-RTY : PT Genesa Dirgantara from Jul20; HEMS
    6480 as365n2 1995 - : Oceania Aviation for sale by Feb19; Sold to Germany, pictured on truck fo+
    - F-OHNJ : test serial F-WQDY
    - 9M-NSP : Prolink Helicopters, Maylasia, to VH-LRH
    Australia Air Ambulances VH-LRH : Northern Region SLSA Helicopter Rescue Dec04-2016
    : Westpac Life Saver Lifesaver 2, Lismore
    - : Nov16-Jun17 for sale Dauphin AS365N2 1995; Impeccably maintained EMS conf+
    - ? : Germany from Mar19
    2125 as332L ? : Oceania Aviation at Ardmore from Apr18
    Japanese Army 00003/ST : JGSDF, test serial JA9631; wfu
    31187 212 1981 ZK-HBQ : Oceania Aviation Ltd Dec15-Oct17
    Japanese Coast Guard JA9566 : Japan Coast Guard Nov81-Nov15, Bell serial N18091
    Helicopter Applicators Inc N668HA : Helicopter Applicators Inc at Gettysburg, PA from Oct17
    RN062 md600n ZK-HDO : Oceania Aviation Feb/Apr 2020
    Turkish National Police EM-0062 : Polis, test serial N70249
    - ZK-HDO : International Heliproperties NZ Ltd at Auckland from Apr20
    LN072 md520n 1995 ZK-HDW : Oceania Aviation Ltd Jul/Sep 2004
    MD Helicopters N9015M : MD Helicopters 1995
    State of California N950SD : LASD Mar96-Jul04
    - ZK-HDW : Crop Spraying demonstration - Operated by Central South Island Helicopter+
    : private from Sep04
    : pictured (pic1) at the Wanaka Airshow 2016
    31301 212 1988 ZK-HIB : Oceania Aviation Ltd May16-2018; at Ardmore
    Japanese Coast Guard JA9929 : Japan Coast Guard Mar89-Jan16
    Blackcomb Helicopters C-FWBH : Blackcomb from Apr18, pictured
    1010 EC120B 1998 ZK-HII : Oceania Aviation Ltd from Sep19
    Meravo Air Shipping Company Ltd D-HAUV : Meravo Luftreederei GmbH Sep98
    air lloyd german helicopter flight service D-HAUV : Air Lloyd Deutsche 2006
    Sydney HeliTours VH-JVS : Sydney Helicopters from Aug14
    2125 as332L ZK-HPX : Oceania Aviation Ltd at Ardmore reg 16mar20
    Japanese Army 00003/ST : JGSDF, test serial JA9631; wfu
    36008 412sp ZK-HRX : Oceania Aviation Ltd at Papakura, NZ Mar/Apr 2017; third allocation of th+
    Bell Helicopter N7164X : Bell Helicopter Jul/Dec 1990 test serial C-FIKJ
    Fire and Disaster Management Agency JA6636 : Sapporo City Fire Fire Air Corps Dec90-Jan17
    TRK Helicopters C-GTRK : TRK Helicopters at Langley, BC from May17
    S-797 105cbs-4 1989 ZK-IBP : Oceania Aviation NZ Apr13-
    Jordan Police P-01 : Police1989-2010, test serial D-HDZG
    - RA-02543 : Russia private; at Denham, UK
    : seen at Aero Friedrichshafen 2017
    36055 412hp 1992 ZK-IKA : Oceania Aviation; pictured during flight testing after being refurbished
    Bell Helicopter Canada C-FOPX : Bell Canada Aug/Oct 1992
    - N6162C : First Security Bank of Utah Dec92-Feb93
    National Police Agency JA6710 : Tokyo Metropolitan Police Keishichō Mar/Oct 1993
    : Miyagi Prefectural Police Oct93-Feb14
    Agrarflug Helilift GmbH D-HGHS : Agrarflug Helilift GmbH from May15; to Spain as ?
    Global Helicopter Service GmbH D-HGHS : GHS, lsd Agrarflug
    INAER D-HGHS : Babcock Support Services at La Coruña, Spain by Apr17; firefighter
    1083 bk117b-1 1991 ZK-ITE : Oceania Aviation Ltd Mar14
    Central Helicopter Service JA6662 : Central helicopter service Sep07-Mar14
    - VH-TKD : Trekked Pty Ltd at Georges Hall, NSW from Aug14
    LN070 md520n 1995 ZK-ITX : Oceania Aviation, noted
    MD Helicopters N91970 : MD Helicopters, to N953SD
    State of California N953SD : LASD May95-2004
    Rangitikei Helicopters ZK-ITX : Rangitikei Helicopters ITX from Apr05