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  • greece 2 TEEP

    Elliniki Aeroporia Stratou

    2nd Helicopter Attack Battalion
    Hellenic Army Aviation

    2006 to present    


    2 TEEP

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    2006/    MegaraLGMG


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    2019/    OH-58D Kiowa Warrior
    2007/    AH-64D Apache

    Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    43323 oh-58d ?: Hellenic Army 2019
    US Army Aviation 93-00937: US Army, conv from OH-58A 73-21934
    HA001 ah-64d ES1021: AH-64DHA. BuNo 03-01021. ex N5002L
    ES1021: 21jul10 pictured at Megara AB with 2nd TEEP, preflight checks before one n+
    HA002 ah-64d ES1022: AH-64DHA. BuNo 03-01022. ex N5002N; 11feb10 pictured during preflight cont+
    HA003 ah-64d ES1023: AH-64DHA. BuNo 03-01023. ex N5002Q
    ES1023: 10feb10, day J-1 before the Official Day of Integration. Pictured at Megar+
    HA004 ah-64d ES1024: AH-64DHA. BuNo 03-01024. ex N5009L
    ES1024: 27jul09 pictured at Megara with 2nd TEEP, during the change of unit s comm+
    HA005 ah-64d ES1025: Hellenic Army Aviation; AH-64DHA type BuNo 03-01025 ex N5014L; 29apr08 pic+
    HA006 ah-64d ES1026: AH-64DHA. BuNo 03-01026. ex N50161
    HA007 ah-64d ES1027: AH-64DHA. BuNo 03-01027. ex N50165; Feb.2010 pictured at Megara airbase (L+
    HA008 ah-64d ES1028: AH-64DHA. BuNo 03-01028. ex N50173; Feb.2010 pictured (top) at Megara airb+
    HA009 ah-64d ES1029: AH-64DHA. BuNo 03-01029. ex N5018F
    HA010 ah-64d ES1030: AH-64DHA. BuNo 03-01030. ex N5018K; 2TEEP; May 2010 pictured at Megara air+
    HA011 ah-64d ES1031: AH-64DHA. BuNo 03-01031. ex N5021T
    ES1031: 27jul09 pictured at Megara AB.
    HA012 ah-64d ES1032: AH-64DHA. BuNo 03-01032. ex N5022O
    ES1032: 11feb10 07:07hs pictured at Megara AB. Day J - Ceremony of Integration
    ES1032: w/o 20sep16 ditch near beach. Video
    13 C/N found in this Organisation.

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