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    Aéronautique Navale

    22S : 22S Squadron
    French Navy

    1946 to present    

    dauphin marine 22s

    Escadrille 22S
    Since its creation the Escadrille 22S de Servitude provides general support missions including Pedro carrier plane guard, civilian SAR support and flight detachments aboard support ships.

    22S hosts the école de spécialisation sur hélicoptère embarqué (ESHE, embarked helicopter specialization school)

    With the retirement of the Alouette III, 22S received leased Dauphins from Belgian company NHV

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    1964/    Lanvéoc-PoulmicLFRL


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    2018/    AS365 Dauphin 2
    2010/    HeliDax EC120
    1964/91Alouette II
    1964/18Alouette III


    24-jun-0528-jun-05UK Fleet Review: Trafalgar 200

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