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28 Squadron
Formed on 7 Nov 1915, has operated largely as an Army Co-operation unit. Spent much of its life in the Middle and Far East, it commenced helicopter operations in Mar 1968 with the Whirlwind HAR.10. Between Jan and Aug 1972, the unit converted to the Wessex HC.2 and moved to Sek Kong (VHSK) until its closure in Jan 1997 and then at Kai Tak (VHKT) to Jun 1997 when it disbanded. The unit was officially reformed at RAF Benson (EGUB) on 17 Jul 2001 with the Merlin HC.3, although it had received its first airframe on 7 Mar 2001. 28(AC) Squadron is committed to Joint Helicopter Command.
A flight of 28(AC) Squadron was detached to form 1419 (Tactical Support) Flight in 2005 and sent to southern Iraq.
Merlins from 28(AC) Squadron were sent to Afghanistan in Nov 2009 and the last operational flight was on 31 May 2013.
On July 2015, handed over the Merlin to the Royal Navy Commando Helicopter Force and re-roled as 28 (Reserve) Squadron as an OCU unit training Chinook Mk4/6 and Puma Mk2 helicopters crews
On 27 Oct 2015, the Chinook Operational Conversion Flight from RAF Odiham re-located to RAF Benson, joining the Puma Operational Conversion Flight, as part of 28 Squadron.

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Puma and Chinook Operational Conversion Unit

News of 28 Squadron

Chinooks Arrive At RAF Benson, 23-Oct-15 : Royal Air Force Chinook helicopters and around 150 personnel moved to RAF Benson as the Chinook Mk4/6 Operational Conversion Flight joined their Puma HC.2 colleagues.


2009/13AF Camp Bastion OAZI
2001/    RAF BensonEGUB
1997HK Kai TakVHKT
1978/96HK Sek KongVHSK
1968/78HK Kai TakVHKT


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2015/    Puma Mk2
2015/    414 - H-47D Chinook
2015/    CH-47F Chinook
2001/15Merlin HC.3
1972/97 Wessex     Wessex HC.2
1968/72 Whirlwind     Whirlwind HAR.10


apr-03apr-04BA SFOR (stabilisation force)
jul-48may-49MY Operation Firedog

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