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  • turkey 352 Filo Bekler Ekip

    Türk Deniz Kuvvetleri

    352 : 352 Squadron
    Turkish Navy



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    1992/    Aksaz


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    S-70B-28 Seahawk

    Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    70-2594 s-70b-28 TCB-50:
    s-70b-28 TCB-51: w/o 4nov02
    70-2618 s-70b-28 TCB-52:
    TCB-52: feb19 on board F493 tCG Gelibolu at Dynamic Manta 2019
    70-2620 s-70b-28 TCB-53:
    70-2625 s-70b-28 TCB-54:
    70-2666 s-70b-28 TCB-55:
    70-2671 s-70b-28 TCB-56:
    70-2675 s-70b-28 TCB-57:
    70-3222 s-70b-28 TCB-58:
    70-3235 s-70b-28 TCB-59:
    70-3245 s-70b-28 TCB-60: Turkish Navy; 04/05jun11 pictured with 351Filo on static display at Cigli +
    70-3260 s-70b-28 TCB-61:
    70-3273 s-70b-28 TCB-62:
    TCB-62: On board F493 TCG Gelibolu
    70-3290 s-70b-28 TCB-63:
    70-3303 s-70b-28 TCB-64:
    70-3316 s-70b-28 TCB-65: Turkish Navy
    TCB-65: picture landing on USS Donald Cook (DDG 75) during exercise Dogu Akdeniz
    70-3330 s-70b-28 TCB-66: Turkish Navy
    70-3349 s-70b-28 TCB-67: Turkish Navy
    70-3366 s-70b-28 TCB-68: Turkish Navy, test serial N8044E
    70-3383 s-70b-28 TCB-69: Turkish Navy
    TCB-69: May17 firing first Roketsan Temren Anti-Ship Missile (AShM) in annual Deni+
    70-3393 s-70b-28 TCB-70: Turkish Navy
    70-3412 s-70b-28 TCB-71: Turkish Navy, Jun12
    70-3427 s-70b-28 TCB-72: Turkish Navy
    TCB-72: Nato Operation Ocean Shield
    70-3441 s-70b-28 TCB-73: Turkish Navy
    70-3458 s-70b-28 TCB-74: Turkish Navy
    70-4244 s-70b-28 TCB-75:
    26 C/N found in this Organisation.