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  • italy 39° Gruppo squadroni “Drago”

    Aviazione dell'Esercito

    39 GrSqd : 39th Squadron
    Italian Army Aviation

    1989 to 2000    

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    1989/00Aeroporto di AlgheroLIEA


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    1992/    AB412
    1989/    AB204
    1989/    A109

    Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    3027 ab204b MM80284: Esercito E.I.201. EM-1 type
    MM80284: During "precautional" sospension of 205 line
    MM80284: Back to CAALE
    3031 ab204b MM80285: Esercito E.I.202. EM-1 type
    - : Restored at Bremgarten, Germany
    - D-HSLD: 2010: operating in Sierra Leone
    - D-HSLD: Flugwerft Offenburg GmbH at Bremgarten airfield from
    - D-HSLD: noted at Freetown, Sierra Leone
    3036 ab204b MM80286: Esercito E.I.203. EM-1 type. preserved Museo dell Aviazione Cerbaiola
    3038 ab204b MM80287: Esercito E.I.204. EM-1 type w/o unk
    3045 ab204b MM80288: Esercito E.I.205. EM-1 type
    3047 ab204b MM80300: Esercito E.I.206. EM-1 type. preserved gate guardian with 2 Reggimento Bol+
    3050 ab204b MM80307: Esercito E.I.207. EM-1 type. preserved gate guardian with 2 Reggimento Bol+
    3051 ab204b MM80308: Esercito E.I.208. EM-1 type
    3052 ab204b MM80309: Esercito E.I.209. EM-1 type
    3057 ab204b MM80310: Esercito E.I.210. EM-1 type
    3059 ab204b MM80311: Esercito E.I.211. EM-1 type
    3063 ab204b MM80312: Esercito E.I.212. EM-1 type. sold to civ
    - 3D-HUK: Foreshaw Helicopters, South Africa
    3065 ab204b MM80313: Esercito E.I.213. EM-1 type
    3069 ab204b MM80314: Esercito E.I.214. EM-1 type but reported as AMI 15-14
    3076 ab204b MM80315: Esercito E.I.215. EM-1 type. In 2009 overhaul at Bremgarten, Germany
    MM80315: Without rotor and many mechanical parts and equipment
    3074 ab204b MM80316: Esercito E.I.216. EM-1 type
    MM80316: Preserved at Caserma Guido Cucci Persano (Salerno) 4° Reggimento Carri "T+
    3079 ab204b MM80317: Esercito E.I.217. EM-1 type
    3083 ab204b MM80318: Esercito E.I.218. EM-1 type
    3084 ab204b 1962 MM80319: Esercito E.I.219. EM-1 type
    MM80319: lifted by H-34 53-4529, 110th Aviation Company after crash in north Ital+
    3086 ab204b MM80320: Esercito E.I.220. EM-1 type. preserved Viterbo. high viz white cammo
    3087 ab204b 1963 MM80321: Esercito E.I.221. EM-1 type.
    Italian Air Force MM80321:
    Italian Air Force MM80321:
    Italian Air Force MM80321:
    Italian Air Force MM80321: Gate guardian at Caserma “Magrone” – Maddaloni (Caserta) (Esercito Italiano)
    3091 ab204b MM80322: Esercito E.I.222. EM-1 type. preserved gate guardian Collezione Aviazione +
    MM80322: During "precautional" sospension of 205 line
    MM80322: Back to CAALE
    3092 ab204b MM80323: Esercito E.I.223. EM-1 type. VIP
    3095 ab204b MM80324: Esercito E.I.224. EM-1 type
    MM80324: stored/wfu 2°RRAVES Bologna-Borgo Panigale
    MM80324: Preserved at Caserma Area Addestrativa Brigata Alpina Julia, Artegna (UD)
    3096 ab204b MM80379: Esercito E.I.225. EM-1 type
    3099 ab204b MM80380: Esercito E.I.226. EM-1 type but reported as AMI 15-31
    3100 ab204b MM80381: Esercito E.I.227. EM-1 type. preserved gate guardian Bologna Borgo
    3104 ab204b MM80382: Esercito E.I.228. EM-1 type. preserved Parco Velivolo Storici San Possidon+
    3105 ab204b MM80383: Esercito E.I.229. EM-1 type
    3109 ab204b MM80384: Esercito E.I.230. EM-1 type. w/o 13jan72 Ospitaletto Castegnato, Brescia
    3110 ab204b MM80385: Esercito E.I.231. EM-1 type
    UN-231: United Nations ITALAIR first deployment
    UN-231: embarked on C130 to Beirut
    3114 ab204b MM80386: Esercito E.I.232. EM-1 type
    3115 ab204b MM80387: Esercito E.I.233. EM-1 type. Centro Italaliano Ricerche Aerospaziale (CIRA+
    3116 ab204b MM80388: Esercito E.I.234. EM-1 type.
    3119 ab204b MM80389: Esercito E.I.235. EM-1 type
    3120 ab204b MM80390: Esercito E.I.236. EM-1 type. preserved Museo Storico della Motorizzazione +
    MM80390: UN 236
    3121 ab204b MM80391: Esercito E.I.237. EM-1 type
    UN-237: United Nations ITALAIR UNIFIL
    UN-237: 03 apr81 w/o Al Hinniyah
    3122 ab204b MM80392: Esercito E.I.238. EM-1 type
    3124 ab204b MM80393: Esercito E.I.239. EM-1 type
    3125 ab204b MM80394: Esercito E.I.240. EM-1 type. preserved Viterbo
    3126 ab204b MM80395: Esercito E.I.241. EM-1 type. preserved barracks Novi Ligure
    MM80395: UN 241
    3129 ab204b MM80396: Esercito E.I.242. EM-1 type. Facolta di Ingegneria Aerospaziale Forli
    3130 ab204b MM80397: Esercito E.I.243. EM-1 type. Scuola Interforze Difesa NBC di Rieti
    3152 ab204b MM80398: Esercito E.I.244. EM-1 type. preserved Caserma Esercito Solbiate Olona
    MM80398: UN 244
    3153 ab204b MM80399: Esercito E.I.245. EM-1 type
    3158 ab204b MM80400: Esercito E.I.246. EM-1 type
    MM80400: Scrapyard Voghera, Italy
    3159 ab204b MM80401: Esercito E.I.247. EM-1 type
    MM80401: On transfer
    MM80401: Lifted on Italian C130 for Unifil deployment
    UN-247: First Italian helicopter deployed
    UN-247: First Flght after Italian C130 transport from Italy
    3164 ab204b MM80402: Esercito E.I.248. EM-1 type
    7114 a109a MM81010: Esercito E.I.851. EC-1 type
    7112 a109a MM81011: Esercito E.I.852. EC-1 type
    7124 a109a MM81012: Esercito E.I.853. EC-1 type
    7116 a109a MM81013: Esercito E.I.854. EC-1 type
    7118 a109a MM81014: Esercito E.I.855. EC-1 type
    MM81014: Present at Paris Air Show, 9 Jun 1979. /EI-855, Paris code 275H
    25532 ab412 MM81194: Esercito E.I.451. 1 Gruppo
    MM81194: CAEX I (Complex Avation Exercise) 3 Reggimento di Aviazione
    25533 ab412 MM81195: Esercito E.I.452. 53 Gruppo
    MM81195: Red Cross Airshow
    MM81195: "Grifone 2015" Rescue Exercise
    MM81195: refueling stop
    MM81195: transferred from Sardinia
    25535 ab412 MM81196: Esercito E.I.453. 26 Gruppo
    MM81196: special version with 'Creso' radar (preserved)
    25536 ab412 MM81197: Esercito E.I.454. 26 Gruppo
    MM81197: Exercise CAEX1-2021
    25537 ab412 MM81198: Esercito E.I.455. 1 Reggimento
    25538 ab412 MM81199:
    MM81199: Esercito E.I.456. 53 Gruppo. w/o 31may05 southeast of Nasiriya, Iraq
    7367 a109cm MM81233: Esercito E.I.856. First EOA-1 variant airframe
    7368 a109cm MM81234: Esercito E.I.857
    7369 a109cm MM81235: Esercito E.I.858
    7370 a109cm MM81236: Esercito E.I.859; 2008 1st Regt
    7371 a109cm MM81237:
    MM81237: Esercito E.I.860 ; 2008 1st Regt.
    7372 a109cm MM81238: Esercito E.I.861
    7373 a109cm MM81239: Esercito E.I.862. crash 19apr94 Agnone, Siracusa
    7374 a109cm MM81240: Esercito E.I.863
    MM81240: Display fly for 61° Anniversary AVES
    MM81240: Last flight for this version in organization
    MM81240: Place of recovery after dismission
    7375 a109cm MM81241: Esercito E.I.864
    7376 a109cm MM81242: Esercito E.I.865
    7377 a109cm MM81243: Esercito E.I.866
    7378 a109cm MM81244: Esercito E.I.867
    7379 a109cm MM81245: Esercito E.I.868
    7380 a109cm MM81246: Esercito E.I.869
    7381 a109cm MM81247: Squadron Special Color for Organization's 30 years Anniversary
    MM81247: Esercito E.I.870 ; 2008 1st Regt.
    7382 a109cm MM81248: Esercito E.I.871
    7402 a109cm MM81249: Esercito E.I.872. First EOA-2 variant airframe
    MM81249: Esercito E.I.872 ; 2008 1st Regt.
    7403 a109cm MM81250: Air Tattoo1995
    MM81250: Esercito E.I.873 ; 2008 1st Regt.
    MM81250: 1° Gr Sq
    7404 a109cm MM81251: Esercito E.I.874 ; 2008 1st Regt.
    7405 a109cm MM81252: Esercito E.I.875 ; 2008 1st Regt.
    7406 a109cm MM81253: Esercito E.I.876
    7407 a109cm MM81254: Esercito E.I.877
    7408 a109cm MM81255: Esercito E.I.878
    7409 a109cm MM81256: Esercito E.I.879
    MM81256: pictured at Weston-super-Mare Helidays 2005
    25565 ab412 MM81257: Esercito E.I.457. 2 Reggimento
    MM81257: d/d as EM-4 type (Elicottero Medio); conv to ESC-5 (Elicottero da Sostegn+
    MM81257: Display fly for 61° Anniversary AVES
    MM81257: Stored
    25566 ab412 MM81258: Esercito E.I.458. 53 Gruppo
    MM81258: 53° GrSq Cassiopea
    MM81258: civil protection exercise
    25567 ab412 MM81259: Esercito E.I.459. 53 Gruppo
    MM81259: New EM-4 Squadron: to presumed new 6° Regiment (never formed)
    MM81259: back from 26° Gruppo (to reduce maintenance lines and costs )
    25568 ab412 MM81260: Esercito E.I.460. w/o 13aug90 at Viterbo
    25569 ab412 MM81261: Esercito E.I.461. 53 Gruppo
    MM81261: Religious ceremony at Pula
    ab412 MM81262: Esercito E.I.462. 1 Reggimento
    25578 ab412 MM81354: Esercito E.I.463. Arabic titles Italia
    MM81354: 13dic92-21mar94 Operation UNOSOM /ITALFOR Ibis / Restore Hope
    MM81354: Overhaul at 1st Reggimento di Sostegno Idra
    MM81354: Fifth Ab 412 in the Unit that became the one with the largest fleet
    25579 ab412 MM81355: Esercito E.I.464. 26 Gruppo
    MM81355: at Viterbo in new UN 464 marks (1 Reggimento di Aviazione Antares) before+
    MM81355: Till-2009: Unifil Italair Lebanon
    MM81355: Still Uited Nations marks and livery
    MM81355: 3 Reggimento di Aviazione
    MM81355: Stored in hangar
    25580 ab412 MM81356: Esercito E.I.465
    MM81356: landing at Perugia airport
    MM81356: 1° Gr Sq
    MM81356: Esercitazione Grifone 2019
    25581 ab412 MM81357: Esercito E.I.466. 53 Gruppo
    MM81357: Stored in hangar
    25582 ab412 MM81358: Esercito E.I.467. united nations ITALAIR UNIFIL as UN-467
    MM81358: UN-467 2007-2009
    MM81358: Heavy maintenance after Unifil Italair duty
    MM81358: For Visit of Comandante delle Forze Operative Terrestri, Generale di Corpo+
    UN-467: From 2007 to 2009
    25583 ab412 MM81359: Esercito E.I.468. 53 Gruppo
    MM81359: Shark mouth Special Color
    MM81359: 50 Years of Helicopters in Esercito
    25584 ab412 MM81360: Esercito E.I.469. united nations ITALAIR UNIFIL as UN-469
    MM81360: Air Tattoo 1995
    MM81360: New EM-4 Squadron: to presumed new 6° Regiment (never formed)
    MM81360: back from 26° Gruppo (to reduce maintenance lines and costs )
    MM81360: To 2009
    MM81360: Stored
    25585 ab412 MM81361: Esercito E.I.470. 26 Gruppo
    MM81361: back from FMP (Forza Multinazionale di Protezione ) Missione Alba in Alban+
    MM81361: 63rd Aviazione dell'Esercito Foundation Anniversary
    MM81361: Aviazione dell'Esercito 64th Anniversary
    MM81361: Refueling stop
    MM81361: New assignment
    25586 ab412 MM81362: Esercito E.I.471. 53 Gruppo
    MM81362: Red Cross Airshow
    MM81362: New EM-4 Squadron: to presumed new 6° Regiment (never formed)
    MM81362: back from 26° Gruppo (to reduce maintenance lines and costs )
    MM81362: Exercise with Corpo Nazionale Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico (C.N.S.A.S.)
    25587 ab412 MM81363: Esercito E.I.472. 53 Gruppo
    MM81363: With NATO marks/logo on tail during FYROM / Joint Guarantor Operations
    MM81363: Stored
    25588 ab412 MM81364: Esercito E.I.473. 26 Gruppo
    MM81364: KFOR marks
    MM81364: Stored
    25589 ab412 MM81365: Esercito E.I.474. 53 Gruppo
    MM81365: Stored
    101 C/N found in this Organisation.