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    Arma Aerea de la Armada Española

    eslla 003 : 3 flight
    Spanish Navy

    1965 to present    


    3 escuadrilla Arma Aerea de la Armada Española

    3 escuadrilla
    Established in 1965 with 4 AB.204, callsign Bravo, to operate in the antisubmarine role from the aircraft carrier Dedalo. These helicopters were withdrawn from service in 1978. Between 1974 and 1980 they received AB.212, callsign Gato.

    In 1987 they changed their main role to amphibious support to the naval infantry. On 2011, Tercera Escuadrilla reaches 86,000 flight hours.

    Multipurpouse helicopter squadron. The only airwing squadron with both marine and navy pilots. Their helicopters can operate on board all spanish navy decks. Atahis squadron supports amphibious operations, maritime operations as well as both SAR and CSAR.

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    News of 3 escuadrilla

    Second Upgraded AB212 Delivered to Spanish Navy, 29-Mar-16 : SENER, in association with INAER, delivered to the Spanish Navy the second of 7 AB212 upgraded under the life extension program which will lengthening their operational lives by at least 15 years

    INAER upgraded Spanish Navy AB212 first flight, 18-Dec-13 : Spanish Navy AB212 helicopters purchased between 1974 and 1980 are being upgraded by INAER in order to extend their operating life beyond 2025


    1964/    RotaLERT


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    1974/    AB212

    Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    5565 ab212asw HA.18-10: Marina 01-314. ex Z.18-10
    5566 ab212asw HA.18-11: Marina 01-315. ex Z.18-11. w/o 13may86
    5567 ab212asw HA.18-12: Marina 01-316. ex Z.18-12. United Nations
    5568 ab212asw HA.18-13: Marina 01-317. ex Z.18-13
    5627 ab212asw HA.18-14: Marina 01-318. ex Z.18-14
    HA.18-14: 04-08Oct15 Eslla003./01-318 at TLP 2015-3 Albacete from 14Sep-09Oct 2015 p+
    HA.18-14: on board LH - Assault Carrier L-61 Juan Carlos I on the occasion of the+
    5526 ab212asw HA.18-3: Marina 01-307. ex Z.18-3 003-7
    5528 ab212asw HA.18-4: Marina 01-308. ex Z.18-4
    HA.18-4: 26feb15 pictured sling load on Ro-Ro ship Martin Posadillo (A-04)
    5561 ab212asw HA.18-5: Marina 01-309. ex Z.18-5
    HA.18-5: 18dec13 picture first flight of a PEVH-AB212 upgraded by SENER / INAER
    5562 ab212asw HA.18-6: Marina 01-310. ex Z.18-6
    HA.18-6: - May13 3.eslla./01-310 embarked ESPS Rayo
    HA.18-6: pictured at Albacete
    HA.18-6: 18oct19 Cadiz naval air base
    5563 ab212asw HA.18-7: Marina 01-311. ex Z.18-7
    HA.18-7: aboard ESPS Numancia (F83) in Grand Harbour, Malta
    HA.18-7: pictured at Cuatro Vientos, Madrid
    5564 ab212asw HA.18-8: Marina 01-312. ex Z.18-8; w/o 16apr10 in Haiti, 4 fatalities
    5584 ab212asw HA.18-9: Marina 01-313. ex Z.18-9. w/o 07jul82
    5524 ab212asw Z.18-1: Marina 003-5. w/o 19apr78
    5525 ab212asw Z.18-2: Marina 003-6. w/o 20jan77
    3128 ab204as Z.8-1: Marina 003-1. w/o 31oct78. xfer spanish army ?
    3133 ab204as Z.8-2: Marina 003-2. xfer spanish army
    Spanish Army Aviation HA.8A-2: ex Navy Z.8-2. ex HU.8-2. Preserved: Madrid Museo Naval ?
    3141 ab204as Z.8-3: Marina 003-3. xfer spanish army
    3151 ab204as Z.8-4: Marina 003-4. xfer spanish army
    Spanish Army Aviation HA.8-4: ex Navy Z.8-4
    18 C/N found in this Organisation.


    14-nov-1625-nov-16 GRUFLEX 61
    03-oct-1506-nov-15 Exercise Trident Juncture 2015
    feb-13may-13SO Combined Task Force 150

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