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france Flottille 32F

Aéronautique Navale

32F 32F Air Naval Squadron
French Navy

h160 32f

Flottille 32F
Established in 1958 with the S-58 for operations in Oran, Algeria, the unit initially specialized in anti-submarine warfare after the war. However, it transitioned to a search and rescue mission by the end of the 1970s first with the Super Frelon and then with the Dauphin.

In 2010 received a pair of EC225LP to fill the gap until the arrival of the NH90. Between 2013 and 2016 the 32F SAR detachment at Cherbourg flew 209 rescue missions saving 96 people. On June 24, 2016 they were replaced by 33F NH90 and deactivated.

Reactivated on June 29, 2023, with the H160FI interim search and rescue helicopter, the unit reassumed the SAR mission from 33F, with detachments at Lanveoc-Poulmic, Cherbourg, and Hyeres. It achieved its first 1,000 flight hours in November 2023.

Planned to receive the H160M in 2029.

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  News about Flottille 32F

Cherbourg H160’s First Operational Mission

Cherbourg H160’s First Operational Mission

26-Jul-23 - French Navy’s 32F Squadron, based at Cherbourg and equipped with the “interim helicopter” Airbus H160, completed its first search and rescue (SAR) mission on Sunday, July 23 #H160
Marine Nationale Exercise Gascogne 2016

Marine Nationale Exercise Gascogne 2016

03-Jun-16 - The French Navy participated in Gascogne 2016 an exercise which simulated a collision between two merchant ships and an oil spill


2023-    Cherbourg
1964-    Lanvéoc-PoulmicLFRL
1962/64Saint-Mandrier closed 2003LFTR
1958/62DZ Tafaraoui/LartigueDAOL

helicopter   Models

Years Models
2023-    H160
2010/16 EC225LP
1997/01 SA365 Dauphin 2
1970/10 SE3210 Super Frelon
1958/70 HSS-1 Seabat

  Flottille 32F Operations

Dates Operation
2012-may-012012-may-02 UK AirMed and Rescue 2012
2008-jun-262008-jun-27 DE SAR Meet 2008
2007-jan-182007-jan-18 UK MSC Napoli rescue
1999-dec-121999-dec-12 Rescue from mv Erika

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