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  • greece Dioikisi Elikopteron Nautikou

    Elliniko Polemiko Nautiko

    Navy Helicopter Command
    Hellenic Navy

    1975 to present    


    Dioikisi Elikopteron Nautikou
    The Hellenic Navy Helicopter Squadron was created in 1975 and is divided into Sminos (Flights) per aircraft type

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    1975/    KotroniLGKN


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    1994/    S-70B-6 Aegean Hawk
    1979/    AB212
    1975/    SA319B Alouette III

    Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    2213 sa319b PN01: w/o before delivery
    2218 sa319b PN01: w/o 13jul93
    2220 sa319b PN02: w/o 06oct92
    2221 sa319b PN03:
    2267 sa319b PN04:
    5178 ab212ew PN11:
    5179 ab212ew PN12:
    5138 ab212asw PN21: 27jan81 Seen Athens
    PN21: w/o 31jan96
    5139 ab212asw PN22: Hellenic Navy
    PN22: 26jan81, ΠN-22 Seen Athens Coast Guard / Rescue
    5145 ab212asw PN23: Hellenic Navy; pictured at Tatoi during Athens Fly Week
    5157 ab212asw PN24: w/o ?
    5159 ab212asw PN25: Hellenic Navy; Sep.07 pictured as /25 with 1MEN/AB212 Sminos at Marathon/+
    PN25: ASW
    5160 ab212asw PN26:
    5168 ab212asw PN27: w/o 20apr82
    5174 ab212asw PN28: Hellenic Navy; 14aug08 pictured at Tanagra airbase (LGTG) during Archangel+
    PN28: w/o 00:45 hrs GMT crashed on the island of Kinaros in the Aegean, between+
    5180 ab212asw PN29:
    5181 ab212asw PN30:
    5182 ab212asw PN31: Hellenic Navy; 18sep05 pictured at Archangel 2005 airshow
    70-1962 s-70b-6 PN51:
    70-1961 s-70b-6 PN52: Hellenic Navy, pictured
    70-1963 s-70b-6 PN53:
    70-1964 s-70b-6 PN54:
    70-1965 s-70b-6 PN55:
    70-2397 s-70b-6 PN56:
    70-2419 s-70b-6 PN57: Hellenic Navy Aegean Hawk; 24may09 pictured at Eleftherios Venizelos Airpo+
    70-2427 s-70b-6 PN58:
    26 C/N found in this Organisation.

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