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  • france Flottille 35F

    Aéronautique Navale

    35F : 35F Air Naval Squadron
    French Navy

    1969 to present    

    • Flottille 35F Aéronautique Navale
    • tahiti marineTahiti 35F AS365N3+ Detachment

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    News of Flottille 35F

    Rochelle’ Dauphin Reaches 10,000 Flight Hours, 03-Feb-19 : #Rochelle French Navy’ SA365 Dauphin #6081 reaches 10,000 flight hours in 28 years of rescues. Assigned to 35F SAR Detachment at La Rochelle airport which carried out 1773 takeoffs on alert and rescued 823 people since its creation in 1993

    Taihiti Dauphin Most Distant Operation, 30-Aug-18 : #Tahiti An AS365N3+ Dauphin from the French Navy 35F detachment flew 3,426 km / 1.849 nm in 14 hours to complete a medical evacuation from a remote atoll. It was the single most distant operation ever conducted by these Tahiti based helicopters

    Marine Nationale Exercise Gascogne 2016, 03-Jun-16 : The French Navy participated in Gascogne 2016 an exercise which simulated a collision between two merchant ships and an oil spill


    2011/    PF Tahiti-Faa'a (BA190)NTAA
    2004/    d'Hyeres Le Palyvestre LFTH
    1997/    La Rochelle-Laleu airportLFBH
    1993/97Rochefort (BA721)LFDN


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    1999/    SA365 Dauphin 2
    1999/03Alouette III
    1999/01SE3210 Super Frelon
    1994/98SA365 Dauphin 2
    1993/95AS365 Dauphin 2
    1991/97Alouette II
    1979/98Alouette III
    1978/83SA360 Dauphin
    1969/79HSS-1 Seabat


    14-jul-1414-jul-14 Quatorze Juillet 2014
    14-jul-1314-jul-13 Quatorze Juillet 2013
    14-jul-1214-jul-12 Quatorze Juillet 2012
    14-jul-1014-jul-10 Quatorze Juillet 2010
    14-jul-0914-jul-09 Quatorze Juillet 2009

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